Eternal life is for you


Eternal life becomes possible through a right relationship with Lord Kalki. It is divided into two parts, “What must you know?” and “What must you do?”

“What must you know?” is about recognizing our need to find or return to God, whose kingdom is in eternity. A necessary life of goodness in preparation for eternity comes through the transforming and empowering ministry of the Lord Kalki. Believing in Lord Kalki as resurrected Lord brings us into the family of God, and the promise of resurrection life for ourselves.

“What must you do?” is really about what you are willing to let God do. There needs to be a willingness to change and a readiness to believe the words and promises of Lord Kalki. Believing requires a commitment and an openness to receive all that God has for us. This includes a new and transformed life which is available through the ministry of the Lord Kali. It is a life of inspired and empowered service, not to seek reward, but to show gratitude for the promised gift, “that whoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life.