From Where and How the Soul Came into Body ?

From Where and How the Soul Came into Body ?


From Where and How the Soul Came into Body

From Where and How the Soul Came into Body – In the biginning, for material creation, Purn Brahm came into three Vishnu – (1) Maha Vishnu (2) Garvodakasayi Vishnu and (3) Kshirdakosayi Vishnu .
Maha Vishnu is called Inferior Energy. Maha Vishnu creates toatal material Energy, known as the mahat-tattava. The inferior energy is matter manifested in different elements, namely earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego.

Garvodakasayi Vishnu is called Superior Energy. Garvodakasayi Vishnu enters into all the universes to create diversity in each of them. Due to this energythe entire material world functions.
Kshirdakosayi Vishnu is diffused as the all pervading Super Soul in all the universes and is known as Parmatma / First son of Prun Brahm or Ishwar Putra. He is present even within the atoms.
Kshirdakosayi Vishnu is the first son of Purn Brahm, we called him Ishwar Putra. At that certain place, he lives in the form of light is called Anami Lok. Anami Lok is the Light of Ocean and its drops of Light is calles Soul. From this place Ananmi, A Drop or Soul starts his journey to go to Earth by bearing the cloth is called body.

From Anami, he came at Agam Lok. From Agam Lok, he came at Alakh Lok. From Alakh Lok, he came at Sat-Lok. From Sat-Lok, he came at Soham Brahm (bhanwar Gupha). From Soham Brahm (bhanwar Gupha), he came at Maha Shnya. From Maha Shunya, he came at Shunya. From Shunya, he came at Mansarovar Lake. From mansarovar Lake, he came at Ra Ram Brahm (Dasam Dwar). From Ra Ram Brahm (Dasam Dwar), he came at Maya Brahm (Trikuti). From Maya Brahm (Trikuti), he came at ॐBrahm (AUM Brahm) it is calledJyoti Niranjan. From ॐBrahm or Jyoti Niranjan, he came at Third eye. From Third eye, he came at Aagya Chakra. From Aagya Chakra he came into both eyes of this body.

Now question is who is the 5 Brahm through them Soul came into body? The name of the 5 Brahm is as below:-

(1) Sat-Lok
(2) Soham Brahm (Bhanwar Gupha)
(3) Ra Ram Brahm (Dasam Dwar)
(4) Maya Brahm / ॐkaar (Trikuti)
(5) ॐBrahm (Jyoti Niranjan)

5 sound arose in five Brahm while the Super Soul came down into the body. This 5 sound is as below:-

Five sound arose in five Brahm while the Super Soul came down into the body

(1) Sat-Lok – VEENA / BAG PIPE
(2) Soham Brahm (Bhanwar Gupha) – FLUTE
(3) Ra Ram Brahm(Dasam Dwar) – SARANGI
(4) Maya Brahm Omkar (Trikuti) – TAAL
(5) Om Brahm / Jyoti Niranjan – BELL, CONCH

Five sound arose in five Brahm while the Super Soul came down into the body


ANAMI                           – AADI SAT – GODSELF
AGAM                             – KARYA BRAHM
ALAKH                            – VAIKUNTH
(2) SAT LOK (Sitting Place of Son of Purn Brahm) ————VEENA / BAG PIPE
(4) MAHA SUNN                —————————————–——   SILENCE
(5) SUNN                           —————————————–               SILENCE
(6) MANSAROVAR LAKE   ————————————–SILENCE

What will happen once Kalki is here?

What will happen once Kalki is here ?


Terror, terrorist’s attack, Financial Tsunami, painful life will increase. The feat of Lord Kalki would give relief to the people – Ishwar Putra Arun

Kalki is the twenty four and final avatar of Lord Vishnu, visualised as a warrior who rides a white horse and ratnasaru sword.

He will destroy the old way of life and the hope of people that Vishnu, as Kalki, would destroy the present ways social system, and restore the life of Dharma people. Kalki, he lets go and allows the world to collapse in the appointed time but it is secret.

Arrival of Bhagavan Kalki would be laden with fear… aware of existing  confusion world over. The ambition of Lord is to destroy the Malechchha, Kali, those who do not accept the Vedas and believe in soul only, Baberians, Pukhas,  and to re-establish the Satya-yuga as previous. A large number of people will destroy, the battle is called World War Three.

First battle of Lord is with Buddhists in Kikatpur,and others are in baberian country and the last battle is with Shashidhwaj in Bhallat Nagar near Gandaki river (Narayani), in southern Nepal. In this battle many divine weapons (Missile) will use. This war war will sky war.

The objective of His work is to provide peace and comfortable life by using the eight divine powers and the weapons given by Prashuram, Lord Shiva and Devi Durga.

Gita Saar, Chapter – 5

Gita Saar

Chapter – 5

(Ishwar Putra Arun)

Gita Saar

Gita Saar – In chapter 5 Lord Krishna go deeper into the concept of Gyaan Yog and Karma yoga and He re-emphasizes to Arjuna that Karma yoga is better than Gyaan yoga because it is easier to practice and achieve. Lord Krishna says this after seeing Arjuna’s mental condition on the battlefield.

On hearing this, Arjuna mentioned his confusion to Lord Krishna. The cause of the confusion was that since both-karma yoga and Gyaan yoga were equally effective for reaching the final goal of liberation, then why was Lord Krishna advising to follow the path of Karma yoga and not that of Gyaan yoga? Arjuna believed that since the yoga of knowledge was a valid path, it would be easier to follow since in that path, unpleasant and painful actions could be avoided. Arjun confessed to Lord Krishna that the difference between the two paths was too subtle for him to understand. Arjuna further requested Lord Krishna to guide him about which path he would be truly beneficial for him since he himself was unable to differentiate between the two.

Lord Krishna replied that the path of knowledge does not imply that no action need be taken. It only meant that the action that was to be carried out should be as per ones righteous duty-as per Dharma, and that it should be attachment/ desire free. Without doing action, the path of knowledge could not be actualized. Without taking action, the doer-ship that needs to be renounced, while acting through the mind, body and senses cannot be renounced. The person, who takes action while meditating on the reality of God, is the one to achieve realization the fastest. The fact was that the pool of desires that engulfed Arjuna could not be resolved and sublimated without Arjuna taking appropriate action and that is why Lord Krishna suggested to Arjuna that the path of Karma yoga was the most suited for Arjuna. The real reason why Arjun wanted to take the path of knowledge and not of action was because he was looking for an escape from having to battle and kill his own kith and kin.

This is the problem that confronts most of us in our daily lives. Things we do and have to do cause us both grief and happiness. Most actions we take are double edged. The only way out is that if we act, not out of our selfish interest or our attachments but through Dharma. Then we are like representatives of God and we will never commit false, sinful or dishonest actions.
Arjuna’s problem was that his mind was not stable on any one course of action. He desired the worldly pleasures that he would get if he won the war but he was also fearful of the consequences of killing his own brethren, something that he would have to do, if he was to win the war. Thus Arjuna was conflicted.

Lord Krishna could easily understand the state of mind of Arjun. He could make out that Arjuna was being swayed by attachment, desire and fear. This is why, to stabilize his mental condition, Lord Krishna gave Arjuna his own example. He revealed to Arjuna that He was the Lord of the three worlds and there was no need for Him to perform any duties since whatever He wanted was available to Him simply by wishing for it. Inspite of this Lord Krishna was constantly engaged in taking actions as per His duty.

Lord Krishna further explained that most people believe that their individuality-the sense of “I”, is their body, mind and their wisdom. This is not true. The “I” that we can all feel, is actually the soul that resides in the physical body and which uses the mind and wisdom attached to this body. “I’” is actually a part of the indestructible soul of God.

Arjuna interjected Lord Krishna to say that his confusion persisted. Arjuna further said that Lord Krishna had said two things. One-that act but renounce the fruits of the action and two-that do your duty with your whole heart focused on God. Arjun asked-Which was the better way?
Lord Krishna replied that both ways were equally good but the better / easier way was doing the action as a representative of God and doing it on God’s remembrance only. This is called action with devotion to the Lord.

Lord Krishna further said that both ways of action are only superficially different but their achievement-Inner joy; inner knowledge; inner blessings and inner peace-they are the same. The basic point to be addressed is the sense of doer-ship. The sense of doer-ship is the cause of suffering and not the acts that we do. Once the being realizes this crucial fact, he gets free from the action-reaction paradigm.

Lord Krishna re-iterated that the way towards liberation was the surrender of the fruit of action and/ or acting as a representative of God rather than of oneself. This is possible when there is no attachment or personal desire associated with the act that is done. When the man who does the act, not take ownership, then neither the good, neither the evil fruit of that action accrue to the individual. Instead such a man becomes a repository of God’s trust, a beloved of God who is endlessly and eternally blessed. That blessing includes being visited by God and being able to see him face-to-face and to forever reside in God’s love.

For the man who cannot do this- that is, not remove the sense of doer-ship from his actions, that man is fated to take the burden of the results and to pay those burdens and debts. Such a man is endlessly trapped in the cycle of birth and death. He is born again and again and he undergoes death after death, in various species. In effect, he is trapped in the cycle of birth and death.

The person who understands this secret-of life, living and death, and who implements this in his daily living, that person leads a truly happy life.

Lord Krishna further said that man should avoid the undue influence of the senses because they are the first step in creating false attachments, desires and angers. By controlling and ignoring the senses, one can start walking on the path of yoga. Such people-the ones who have controlled their sense and who know that God is the only truth worth knowing, such people achieve peace happiness and joy in their lives.

Gita Saar, Chapter – 4

Gita Saar

Chapter 4

(Ishwar Putra Arun)

Gita Saar - Chapter 4

Gita Saar – Chapter 4 of the Gita is the place from where Lord Krishna started to give Arjuna, divine knowledge. The divine knowledge relates to spiritual knowledge, knowledge of the nature of the soul, the soul’s relationship to God, the way to purify ones nature and to find one’s way to God. This knowledge can be gained and properly understood only by the person who can live a life that is free of attachment.

Lord Krishna further gave the following knowledge’s to Arjuna-The secret of re-incarnation; the path of karma yoga; the logic behind the Varna system of society; the nature of one’s duty and how to find out the true knowledge about anything. And last but not the least, Lord Krishna talked about the way to find eternal peace and joy.

Lord Krishna explained the yoga of karma in detail and gave knowledge on how to walk on the path of true karma yoga. This is the reason that Arjuna was finally able to come out of his mind induced confusion and fight the battle with a committed heart.

Lord Krishna clearly defined desire-free action as the only way to commit sacred action and that sacred action results in gaining the blessed vision of our father – God. This vision of the Lord is the only way for the individual soul to find eternal peace and joy. Unfortunately the average person does not know this or even desire this and as a result, most people are trapped in the cycle of birth and death by being born again and again in various species of animals.

That person who has committed all his actions to the feet of the divine by acting as an ambassador to the Lord and the one who has destroyed doubt from his mind, such a person can never be tied down to the cycle of birth and death by his own actions. Lord Krishna again extorts Arjuna to avoid being a person who debates fruitlessly and foolishly out of a sense of ego and doubt since such a person can never find peace and happiness in this life or even in the next.
To this statement Arjuna asks a counter question. He asks that since Lord Krishna is the fountain head of wisdom and also the fountain head of all desires and attachments, then why did he himself take birth in this world?

The Lord agreed that he had taken birth in this transitory world like any other living being, but it was not in the same manner or with the same compulsions as any other deluded soul. Most people take birth in this world due to their karmas in their previous lives but He Himself takes birth of his own accord and not due to the affects of any previous karmas (of which he has none) And also when the Lord takes birth, he does so out of his own power and by keeping Maya-nature-under his control. And the purpose of his birth is not to indulge in the world but to carry out specific tasks that are necessary such as appearing before certain people and carrying out certain actions for very specific purposes and intents.

The lord further said in the clearest words possible that He was always unborn, always undying and always unchanging and he was the Lord of all creatures. And he appeared in his own creation, by his own powers, keeping Maya-nature-firmly in his grip. And he did so whenever he observed that creation was about to wreck itself. The basic purpose was always to stabilize the world that was decaying into sin, chaos and anarchy and all right thinking people were in dire need of help. On such occasions, He, the Lord takes human form and comes down to the universe to set it back in balance.

To understand all this, the devotee must first become a disciple and only then can he gain the knowledge of this eternal truth.

After this Lord Krishna spoke to Arjuna about Yagya and the ritual of sacrifice.

The Lord explained to Arjuna that the man who does other worldly actions while doing Yagya apart from the scriptural indicated karmas, get tied down in the world. Therefore it is important for the seeking soul to abandon attachment based yagyas and do only desire free yagyas.

The Bhagwat Gita talks about 12 kinds of Yagyas-sacrifices. Through this man can get all the essential things that he may need in his life. But out of these 12 sacrifices, four are of major significance. 1. The sacrifice of material possessions; 2. Austerities related sacrifices 3. Yoga related sacrifices and 4. Sacrifices through the study of the sacred texts.
Out of these the 4th sacrifice-that of wisdom and through the study of the sacred texts is the most superior.

Lord Krishna further explained that not all people are qualified to preside over the ritual of sacrifices and the qualifications of a suitable person are as follows. 1. The one who has no attachment 2. The one who is not proud of his body and has no filial attachments and 3. The one whose attention is always focussed on the Lord of creation.

Lord Krishna then spoke at length about the relationship of the individual soul to God and advised Arjuna to find out this knowledge by going to meet the people who had this fundamental knowledge. He advised Arjuna that it was not easy to find such people and even when found they were loath to reveal this knowledge to the undeserving person. The seeker would have to suitably impress those people with his humbleness and desire to learn the true knowledge. Only when the seers are convinced of the sincerity of the devotee and that his questions are genuine and non pretentious, will they give answers and explanations to the questions of the devotee. Needless to say that the knowledge so gained opens the gateways of Godhead for the devotee.

Lord Krishna ended the fourth chapter by once again extorting Arjuna to end all his doubts and stand up and do his duty since that was the first step on the journey of self realization.

Don’t miss to-day of remembering the God

Don’t miss to-day of remembering the God

(Ishwar Putra Arun)

The God

God gave consolation to His Devotees and said call upon Me in the Day of Trouble and I will deliver you.

Remembering God is not a chore or duty that we must do. Remembering God is something that must come out of us out a sense of love and belonging. The fact is that God is the only reality and the world we see has also been created by God.

We always postpone praying to God. We remember him only when we are in some trouble that we cannot handle on our own. We also postpone praying to God and we prefer to first do those things that we consider more important. This is not the correct approach. We should not put off establishing a relationship with God for tomorrow since that tomorrow may never come.

The fact is that this world does not sustain us-it is God who sustains all life. God sustains us because God saw in us something worth preserving. It could be that we made some heartfelt prayer to God that was not selfish and self seeking. Most of our prayers are fake and selfish but even one prayer made with sincerity is enough to get God to support us through our life. God knows what is essential for us and it may not exactly be what we ask for in our prayers since our knowledge of our own circumstances is limited while God can see what is required from the perspective of his own plan. A certain prophet saw many miracles in his life and he saw his family members healed from chronic diseases. But for him the only real thing was Love for God and he felt bad when his daughter stopped believing in God. For him that was the biggest tragedy.

If our desires are not vain, selfish or worldly, then our desires will become God’s desires. And the only way to step out of your selfish nature is to seek God. It is only when the man’s seeking for God becomes urgent and all consuming, that is when that seeking bears fruit and man can see God face to face.

For such a person, nothing is as important as God and that person first seeks God before seeking anything else. Such a man is not distracted even by the desires and passions of youth. In fact it is fair to say that God must be seeked when a person has all his energies and strengths with him rather than seeking God in old age, when man’s passions and desires have naturally waned. The man who can sacrifice his youth and passions for the love of God, such a man easily finds God. The point is that God can never be found if we treat Him as a second choice.

Most people are attached to their petty and selfish lives and they have no idea about God’s plan for them. It doesn’t matter whether you have committed sins in your past. What matters is whether you love God from your heart. That is enough. Jesus went and dined with Zacchaeus and promised to abide by Him only because He found that Zacchaeus truly loved God.

When you hear the word of God, you must believe it and obey it. Sometimes God sends trials and tribulations and other difficulties your way. This is done because they are necessary for your spiritual journey to reach the point of culmination. So you must not lose heart and stick to the word of God even in times of trouble. That is when you will see God face to face.

Always remember that God is concerned about His sincere devotees and watches over them at all times.

Lord said – Call to Me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know (Bible, Jeremiah 33:3) He gave consolation and said call upon Me in the Day of Trouble and I will deliver you.