Which God should we worship?

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 The Rishis and saints of India have been illuminating the many way towards God realization for centuries but all the ways indicated are difficult to walk on. Moreover these ways only lead up to a certain stage which can be called heaven.  Till now the complete path, that takes one to the final destination-to the supreme lord, has been kept secret.  The person who knows the secret path and can talk about it can be rarely found and one is lucky if one is able to meet and interact with such a person.

The Srimad Bhagwatam Maha Puraan Mahatamya 2:56-58 states this above fact.  The person who talks to you today is himself the son of god.  He is the first born and he is the only son of God.  When the entire universe was created the first entity to be created was the son of God and through him everything else was created.  He descended from his father’s lap and came down to create this universe.  He tells us today that we should worship only that supreme Lord who is beyond creation itself. That supreme father lives in Agamya jyoti-as light.  The supreme father is cool and peace granting.  He is the light that lights all lights and He is beyond Maya-that force that causes creation.  He is the only one worth knowing through the system of highest knowledge that is called tattva Gyan-fundamental knowledge. That supreme Lord stays a 100 crore yojana further beyond the place that is the factory of creation-called Kaarya – brahma.  His place of stay is called the actual Golok dham.  That place is beyond all creation and is self illumined-it needs neither the light of the sun, nor the moon or the stars or even fire since none of these things have been even created in that place.  When a human achieves or attains that place, his soul is liberated and is free of the cycle of birth and death. The supreme Lord thus is the only constant reality and is therefore called the truth.  The definition of truth is something that is unchanging and eternal.  The supreme Lord is the truth and His name is also the truth.  He is beyond fear and He has no enemies and He is free of all future and past.  The reason is that all these things have been created in a small fraction of His being so He is beyond all of them.  He is also beyond all divisions including all classifications of sex.  He is the only complete eternal truth and all else is born from Him.  He is the highest state to be achieved and He is ever present in all objects and all ages-Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwaapar Yuga and Kaliyug.  His rein is eternal and will forever be eternal.

The reign of the Lord cannot be described, so vast is its canvas.  No languages are adequate to express the nature, objectives, desires and nature of the Lord.  Everything that is created is created by the Lord. That soul that pleases the Lord, to that soul, the Lord grants the highest state of oneness with Himself.  Even if one is in the cycle of birth and death, that too is by the wishes of the Lord.  Every activity in the universe is tied down by the rules that the supreme Lord has created.  Man is also tied down by his ignorance and he feels happy on achieving some petty goal that is limited and temporary.  Man thinks that he is the doer and attaches his sense of petty self to his acts and possessions.  Seeing this ignorant behavior of His children our heavenly father does not get angry but smiles at our stupidity.  All the forces that create, maintain and destroy this world are also created by our supreme father.  Even the gods that control creation don’t know but a fraction of the powers and manifestations of the Lord. (Srimad Bhagwatam Maha Puraan 12;12:66) Lord Shiva said this about the supreme father that from him emerge many Brahma’s who create many universes and those universes are born, remain for some time and are destroyed.  He said that in the multitudes of such universes many Lord Shiva’s are going about doing the duties assigned to them.  Lord Shiva further says that he himself and  all elevated beings such as Sanat Kumar, Naarad, Lord Brahma, Kapildev, Apantram, Deval, Dharma, Asuri and Mareechi can never know the Lord completely since they themselves are born through Maya and the Lord is beyond Maya. (Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 9;5:46-48)

This is what Lord brahma said with regards to the Lord-The time will come when the age of my duality will start coming to an end and the Lord, taking the form of Kaal, will start winding up this particular creation.  He will wish to completely destroy this creation and at that time all this creation will disappear.  He further said that all divine beings such as himself, Lord Shankar, Prajaapati, Bhooteshwar, Deveshwar-all these are tied to the rules of creation made by the Lord and we, following the rules made by the Lord, carry out the tasks allotted to us. (Shrimad Bhagwatam Maha Puran 9;4:53-54)

Lord brahma further said in Shrimad Bhagwatam Maha Puran  2;6:36 that neither he, his sons not lord Shankar know the supreme father so then how can the lower gods and demi-gods ever know him?

In the Shrimad Bhagwatam Maha Puran  12;3:36 Shukdev ji said to King Parikshit that the supreme Lord called Shri Hari is the only creator and supreme guide and the rest of the gods surrender to His lotus feet and look upon Him as their creator and guide.

The supreme father has constructed the human form in a very interesting and strange way. This is the only form that can known Him and merge with Him.  He has also created all the things necessary for the functioning of the human form.  How man uses or misuses those objects that are created for Him, whether He destroys them or puts them out of balance and which god he worships, is his choice.  He has the free-will to do as he pleases as he is made in god’s own image. The Gods don’t have free will, they obey the rules of creation and do their duties but man has a choice.

Therefore it is important for man to take the right decision if he wants to go back to his home-the land of the supreme Lord.

How to directly see God?

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You can actually see God by the practice of complete and single-minded devotion. (Geeta 11:54)  But that devotion must have the component of deep love for the Lord.  The soul that calls to the Lord, invariably experiences visions of the Lord and the Lord comes into his life.  To have this kind of direct perception of God, six things are essential.

  1.  1.Complete and single focused love for the Lord
  2.  2.Complete devotion to the Lord.
  3.  3.Single minded focus on the Lord and remaining in his constant remembrance.
  4.  4.Focusing one’s attention on the form of the Lord.
  5.  5.Worshiping the Lord without any motive or expectation and forgetting all worldly desires, expectations and attachments.
  6. 6. Getting up in the morning between 4 to 6 am and spending that time in taking the Lord’s name and being in meditation.

In today’s world, people’s minds and thoughts have become distorted.  People’s worship of the Lord is careless, incomplete and full of mistakes and distortions and this is the reason why people are unable to actually feel the presence of God in their lives.  To get back on track, first practice Anulom-Vilom Pranayama and then slip into meditation while taking the Lord’s name.

It is a certainty that the man who focuses with single-minded attention and is constantly remembering the Lord, such a person finds the Lord easily.  This remembrance must have love in it and must be constant in the seekers heart.  The Lord is ever-ready to have the devotee sit on his lap with love.  It is the devotee that does not go to the Lord as he is attached to the temptations of the world.  The portrait or statues of the Lord are often seen with the Lord as having raised one palm towards the devotee.  When asked by the devotee, that why is the one palm raised, the Lord replies that, man has forgotten Him and the Lord beckons and blesses His children-who have forgotten Him- with this gesture.  This shows that the Lord wants us back in His life but we are the ones who have forgotten Him.

It is also a fact that one cannot find success in worshiping the Lord when one has any ill-will, anger or jealousy towards anyone.  The fact is that whatever ill-will, anger, troubles and difficulties we face in life today, they are a result of our own behavior in our previous lives.  We should not blame the present circumstance or the people in our life today for this.  Those who worship the Lord constantly with love and devotion, it soon happens that all conflict causing situations and conflict causing people are removed from their lives and replaced by those people who are themselves oriented towards the Lord and who help the seeker realize the goal.  One of the meanings of Yoga is ‘an unrealized object’ and Kshem means to offer protection.  The Lord thus offers fulfillment of the unrealized goal and also protection to the genuine seeker.  To be in a state where we are entitled to such benediction 7 things are necessary.

  1. We should beautify one’s mind through the practice of Anulom-Vilom Pranayama.
  2. We should serve the Lord through one’s mind-that means through our thoughts. We should always keep thoughts of the Lord in one’s mind.
  3. The best time for this is 4 to 5:30 am in the morning.
  4. When in meditation, always keep the form of the Lord in one’s thoughts
  5. Chanting the Lord’s name must be done with focus on the Lord. People often make the mistake that they think of worldly things while chanting the Lord’s name.
  6. Chanting and meditation should be done together for results. Never stop visualizing the form of the Lord while doing this. See his vision in front of your closed eyes and hear Him through your ears.
  7. In all these activities listed above, the primacy is for the state of love. That means all these things must be done out of love, devotion, attachment, attraction and faith for the Lord rather than as a duty or a procedure that will get us something.  This state of love is essential.



Why live as per the wishes of the Lord?

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The person who always lives as per the wish of the Lord finds eternal life.  This is the lost truth that I have come to remind you off.  The happiness you obtain from this world is a temporary phenomenon.  This must always be remembered and must be imbibed in one’s life. The ones who listens to this truth and knows of it but who does not incorporate it in one’s life, gains nothing from it.  And if the person sacrifices worldly happiness and works to fulfill the wishes of the Lord, such a person finds eternal happiness.  You may find in your experience that a lot of families got devastated as they did not follow the path of the Lord and kept their foundations on worldly foundations.  Even a little bit of tough times collapsed their carefully created worlds.  Those people who make their houses on the rock named God; they always find safety and security and find that their lives are stable.  The reason is that the Lord is the one who has created and who upholds the world-the earth and the sky and if one resides in the Lord then nothing can shake that person’s life.  The Lord helps every individual without any favor and asks man for nothing in return and His blessings are always pouring down on man. On the other hand, the help that a person gives to another is always tainted by some vested interest and usually no help is ever given to another without a selfish motive.  Once that motive is achieved then that person is usually forgotten.  That clearly means that the help one gets from the people of this world is temporary and for selfish reasons.

Just as the moonlight never harms the night sky, similarly the Lord’s help is not tainted and is only beneficial and it only protects from all difficulties without desiring any favour in return.  The Lord protects his devotees eternally from all kinds of difficulties and protects us even in the process of living, dying and being reborn.  If an individual leaves the protection of such a benevolent god and tries to find succor in an ever-changing world, then it is a tragedy and that person can only be called unfortunate.

We should always look for protection and help from the lord and always make efforts to maintain that grace.  That individual is the one who is sensible and who is able to clearly discern where from he will get real help and where from he will not. Such a person then focuses his attention to the real source.

When we get up late from sleep and eat food that is dipped in sorrow then all we are doing is wasting our sleep and our life.  We get nothing from it except a life that is filled with difficulties and sorrow.  But if we get up in the early hours of the morning and dedicate that time to the prayer and meditation of the lord then that sleep is not wasted.  God will turn our sorrows into joy.  He will always listen when we call out his name and he will always stay with us.  He will prevent difficulties from entering our life and increase our blessedness.

Today that supreme lord is here on earth in his physical form and with a new name.  He is searching for you and calling out to you.  Today he is known as Kalki. Today the time has come when you surrender to him in his name and save yourself from the troubles of your life.


What is the way to make God listen to you prayers?

images (28)The Lord has 1000’s of eyes.  He has 1000’s of ears and the entirety of creation resides within a fraction of the being of the Lord and the souls that reside within all people are part of the soul of the Lord.  Therefore all the troubles, tribulations and problems that we face in our lives are known to the Lord.  Nothing is hidden from the Lord.  Not only that, the Lord is omnipotent and all powerful and He can easily change our sorrows into joy. He can turn our difficulties and failures into successes. He can turn our tears into joy through showering us with His blessings.  The Lord does not look down on a man who is in trouble or who is in difficulties as other humans tend to do.  The Lord listens to the prayers of every soul whether rich or poor. (Bible, Psalms 22:24)   Therefore the question arises that if the Lord is so compassionate towards all of us then why are our prayers not answered?  The reason is that the way we pray is not the right way to pray to the Lord.  The first mistake we make is that we leave the worship of the Lord-our father- and start to worship the demi-gods.  The direct result is that when we do that we create a layer of separation from our real father and instead depend on someone who himself is powerless and derives his real power from the same god that we have stopped praying too.  This results in a situation that our prayers to the demi-gods are answered on the basis of what we deserve from our good and bad actions of our earlier lives rather than on the love and compassion that the Lord has for us since we are His children.  And because we ask for temporary relief, we get precisely that-those things that last for a limited period of time.  And soon we are back to our difficult sorrow filled lives. 

The Lord clarifies that this way of prayer is itself wrong and cannot lead to success of the prayer (Geeta 7:21-23) how can we escape sorrow and difficulties by following the wrong methodology of praying?  The Lord in the holy bible says in Jeremiah 2:13 that His devotees made two mistakes. One-that the devotee left the worship of the Lord who is like the source of eternally fresh spring of water and second that the devotee after leaving the eternal source depends on a pond of still water with the added problem that the pond also leaks so the water can never be collected.

The Lord asks man that why is he so reluctant to take the way that the Lord is offering. (Bible, Jeremiah 2:36)  The Lord further says that only He knows and imagines what He desires for His devotees. And what He desires is better than what the devotee can imagine for himself.  Those things that the Lord wants for us will never harm us, instead they will only offer hope and joy (Bible, Jeremiah 29:11)) but man has always doubted the words of the Lord and does not follow the   advice of the Lord.  Seeing these tendencies in man the Lord warns man that man should be strong and brave; have forbearance; not doubt the words of the Lord and not give up so easily.  The Lord said-Tighten your weak grip and control the shaking of your knees.  Reassure those who doubt and fear. Tell them that the Lord comes Himself to give support and relief to His devotees. (Holy Bible, Isaiah 35:3-4) He asks us to say onto the people-look, the Lord has come Himself along with the purest of His devotees so that He make judgment onto the people.  That he may pronounce judgment on all the evil acts of those people who are without devotion for the Lord (Bible, Jude 1:14-15)

Today that same Lord has come onto the earth in His own physical form by the name of Kalki.  He is born of Vishnuyash and Sumati in the village Sambhala near Mathura and anyone who comes into his protection and takes His name with love and devotion, that person will cross the sea of despair and be one with Him.  The name of the Lord is the only thing that can provide relief and joy to the seeking soul.


Why we should all pray together ?

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Not even 10% households offer prayers to the Lord today.  People give importance only to work and leave their homes for work without offering prayers.  The result is that in their work place they have to face very confused and difficult situations where nothing is in their control.  As a result, their mental peace and stability is affected and they are always under stress.  People stop enjoying their work as a result.  Yet they have to work as they have to support their families and obligations.  When such people come back home dead tired, they only get to listen to complaints and demands from their family members.  Usually the children don’t listen to their parents and the parents have to watch their children slide into wrong patterns of behavior.  All-in-all most people feel helpless in such a situation.  The troubles of life and the people who cause those troubles are ever increasing and those who can reduce those problems or share the load are few and far between.  All this causes stress and disease in the body. Diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, insomnia are frequent occurrences and cause life itself to be shortened.  Thus is the life that people lead-always struggling till the end and yet watching one’s carefully constructed world breaking up.  Usually the one to be blamed is fate since the individual can find no logical thing to blame for his troubles.

The question is-Do you want to live such a life?

Today the Lord has come down on this earth in his own physical form to offer succor for precisely this situation.  His name is Kalki.  He is looking for you and He is calling out to you.  He is troubled to see you in this kind of situation.  Even now you can find relief by coming into the protection of the Lord. He is the only one who can take you out of your sorrow.  The Lord’s peace is eternal; the Lord’s capacity is endless. By being in the protection of the Lord, all of one’s difficulties, fears, diseases and other problems can be easily either avoided or solved.  By being in the protection of the Lord, the pain of living the life described above can be eased and the burning heat of life that is one’s usual lot is turned into the cool shade of a giant tree.

The Lord’s name is a benediction for the individual.  It is required by every individual soul.  When the Lord’s name pours into a man’s life then the burning fire of an unsatisfactory life is quenched.

Today the Lord says that He is wealthy in peace.  He is the king of peace and He offers money whose currency is peace.  The individual has to figure out that what is the value of peace in his life.  In actuality, a person may have physical wealth in one’s life but he may not have peace.  Being with the Lord means that one’s life; family and his circumstances are such that one is in peace.  That is priceless and money cannot buy it.

The Lord says that to reach such a state one has to put the foundation of one’s life on him.  He says that -You must accept the primacy of the Lord in your life and your wife and family members also must accept it.  I know that in reality there is no one to listen to your concerns, to remove your difficulties and diseases and to solve your problems and I promise you that if you make me your foundation then I will never abandon you.

The Lord asks the devotee to take a vow and be steadfast and not fear since He Himself walks along with the devotee.  He says that He will never betray the devotee; abandon him or leave him in the lurch so the devotee should believe in Him and not doubt Him.

It is nice to hear high philosophy but there are some ground truths that have to be implemented in one’s life and the basic truth is that it is the Lord that looks for you just as it is always the shepherd that looks for the sheep and protects them.  The Lord wants to give us happiness and turn our sorrows into joy.  The fact is that he is looking at us and He wants us to prosper and bear abundant fruit.

Every activity that we do for the Lord has a time and place.  Every activity whether spiritual or temporal have their occasions.  There is an occasion to laugh, an occasion to cry; an occasion to dance and an occasion to speak.  Similarly there is a correct time to offer prayers to the Lord and a time to place offerings before the Lord.

It is best to offer prayers at that time when they are easily heard by the Lord and that time is from 4 AM to 6 AM in the morning.  The Lord says that if a devotee does this then the Lord Himself would be His guide and He Himself would offer Him advice about the direction he should take in life.  The Lord says-I will make it rain for those who are thirsty on the path and I will shower blessings to those devotees and their families that walk the path and I will level the difficult pathways of life for such people.  The life of such people will be organized and looked after by the Lord Himself.  The Lord will do all those things that are necessary for the well being and the spiritual progress of such a devotee.  The Lord advices to the devotee that he should not be impatient and should not try to make haste.  He assures the devotee that He Himself walks ahead of the devotee to clear the way and He also walks behind the devotee to guard him from danger.

Thus He is the one and only God that not only clears our way, guards us from danger but also absolves us from the sin we commit knowingly or unknowingly.  He is the same Lord who prevents us from unrighteousness, protects us from danger and untimely death and who crowns us with the gift of compassion and kindness.

He is the only God and we need to worship only Him.  In today’s time which is known as the time of the demon Kali, the most effective way to worship the Lord is to stay in His remembrance by taking His name constantly.  Only then will the connection be made and there will be a shower of blessings from Him.

This is the straightforward way but what do people do?  They try to figure out which of the 33 crore gods or goddesses they should pray to.  They choose that god from the many which are easy to please and who easily grant boons.  Since these boons are worldly in nature what essentially happens is that such a person has in effect left the Lord for the trinkets of worldly life that are of temporary nature.  Not only that, the gods that people worship also derive their strengths and powers from the supreme Lord and are powerless without Him.  They are in effect not gods but demi-gods. Therefore when the devotee offers worship to the demigods, what he is essentially doing is to offer prayers to the supreme Lord indirectly but because such a devotee is worldly minded and has left the Lord for the demi-gods therefore his prayers are answered as per the law of karma and such a devotee is allotted what is owed to him already and no more than that.  Also that fruit is only temporary since the demand is also only temporary and the prayer is not a proper prayer (Geeta 7:21-23)

These are five questions that the sincere seeker must ask of himself before he offers prayers:

Why pray to the demi-gods when the prayer is ultimately redirected to the supreme Lord? Why not pray to the ultimate source in the first place?

  1. When the demi gods that you pray to derive their strength from the supreme Lord then why not pray to the supreme Lord directly?
  2. When the fruit of your prayers are given not by the demi gods but the Lord then why pray to the demi gods?
  3. When the fruit thus received will be in any case be destroyed one day then why ask for such temporary things?
  4. When the prayer you offer is illogical and against the rules of praying then why pray in that manner and what results can you expect?

The way forward is to first correct one’s lifestyle.  Get up early in the morning at 4 am.  Don’t give prime focus on your family life or work but first focus on the Lord and as a family offer prayers to the Lord.  The reason is that when more than one person sits together to pray then the Lord manifests Himself amongest them.  Secondly remember that since the Lord stands with you therefore He will do what is best for you and offer you protection.  He is the king of kings and He is the God of the gods.  All we need to do is to worship only Him with complete devotion and we will be granted His eternal blessings and benediction and fulfillment of our heartfelt desires.  Search for the name of the Lord in this age of kali and worship only Him and you wishes will be granted and you will be protected.