AADISHRI ARUN: Blessing is defined as God’s favor, or a person’s sanction or support, or something you ask God for, or something for which you are grateful.

As I look back over the months I am amazed to see how wonderfully God has  been with you as your everlasting strength. Even in this new month the Almighty God who came to earth in the form of Lord Kalki says that He will always be with you.
Every day you read in the newspaper about sad stories, murder, Terrorist, new diseases, natural calamities etc. Today, are you afraid and terrified because of it ? Do not worry. When your Lord Almighty is with you nothing can harm you. Whatever may come He promises to stay with you forever. It is a great promise He has given you. He will protect you from all harm. See the evil people had blocked the door for normal life and the people’s life had become unsafe. The blocked doors open automatically without any hindrance. People’s life did not paralyze. Similarly, when the Lord Almighty comes with you what could be lacking for you? The Lord promises to carry you, bear you and deliver you  (Bible, Isaiah 46:4). Your problems will come to an end. The Lord who said, I am with you always, even to the end of the age will take you to eternity. You will receive a royal welcome don’t worry.

If you think of God’s blessing as mainly in the realm of material things, you shall pursue these things and spend your time in prayer asking God for them. Meanwhile, you shall miss out on the less obvious but much more real blessing of God. But by focusing on Lord Kalki and pursuing Him, you can enjoy the all-inclusive Spirit as the top blessing of God.

You should certainly be thankful for the material things the Lord gives you. But you are truly blessed when you experience Lord Kalki as your love, your peace, your patience, your satisfaction, your joy, and so many other aspects of Himself.

Balanced Path


AADI SHRI ARUN: In a language of simile, metaphor, and allegory, the Bhagavad Gita was reviling and presenting a word-painting of the tumultuous inner battles that must be waged by both the material and the spiritual man. The deepest spiritual meanings had hide to protect them from the devastation of the ignorance of the Dark Ages toward which civilization was descending concurrent with the end of Sri Krishna’s incarnation on earth.

Lord’s message in the Bhagavad Gita is the perfect answer for the modern age, and any age: Yoga of dutiful action, of nonattachment, and of meditation for God-realization. To work without the inner peace of God is Hades; and to work with His joy ever bubbling through the soul is to carry a portable paradise within, wherever one goes.

The path advocated by Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita is the moderate, medium, golden path, both for the busy man of the world and for the highest spiritual aspirant. To follow the path advocated by the Bhagavad Gita would be their salvation, for it is a book of universal Self-realization, introducing man to his true Self, the soul—showing him how he has evolved from Spirit, how he may fulfill on earth his righteous duties, and how he may return to God. The Gita’s wisdom is not for dry intellectualists to perform mental gymnastics with its sayings for the entertainment of dogmatists; but rather to show a man or woman living in the world, householder or renouncing, how to live a balanced life that includes the actual contact of God, by following the step-by-step methods of yoga.

How to solve your problem – AADISHRI ARUN


AADISHRI ARUN: We must learn the purpose of our life from bhagwad Gita where we can solve all our problems facing at present in our life. Solution is in our hand if we like, otherwise all our prayers, worship and meditation towards God may be failed. We must know our actual relationship with God whom we have.

Try to dwell always in your own Self. Abide in your centre. Think of the Self constantly. Then all attachments will die automatically. Attachment to the Lord is a potent antidote to annihilate all worldly attachments. He who has no attachments can really love others, for his love is pure and divine. “Therefore, without attachment do thou always perform action which should be done; for, by performing action without attachment man reaches the Supreme.

In all the spiritual literature of the world there is no book so elevating and inspiring as the Gita. It expounds very lucidly the cardinal principles or the fundamentals of the Dharma, established by God. It is the source of all wisdom. It is your greatest  guide. It is your supreme teacher. It is an inexhaustible spiritual treasure. It is a fountain of bliss. It is an ocean of knowledge. It is full of divine splendor and grandeur. The Gita is the cream of the Vedas. It is the essence of the soul-elevating Upanishads. It is a universal scripture applicable to people of all temperaments and for all times. Gi ta is a marvelous book, profound in thought and sublime in heights of vision. It brings peace and solace to souls that are afflicted by the three fires of mortal existence, namely, afflictions caused by one’s own body, those caused by beings around one, and those caused by the gods.

Kalki Avatar is coming


Kalki Avatar is coming

Who would believe that India could become a leading country in the world ? The more so who could believe that the Lord Kalki is already  on this Indian soil and He has started His work to fulfil His mission. Who is hiding Himself, suppose to lead the entire world into the Golden age! Scripture’s prediction is for big India by area i.e. Dharma will rise.  This prediction is known from Indian scriptures, thousands of years old. Kalki Avatar suppose to start the transformation of the age of Kaliyuga (destructive) into Satyayuga (benevolent) age, which could uplift the humanity spiritually and change practically everything. There are  many saints from different religions who claimed or claiming – arrival of Lord Kalki. India does not seem to be yet in any good shape to lead the entire world. Now people will see the Lord Kalki  with their own eyes for giving good shape to India at His appointed time.

According to the scriptures kalki is the final avatar of Lord Vishnu of this Chatur yuga cycle and He will appear at the end of this Kaliyuga which is about 432,000 years. By that time Dharma on earth will have declined upto like 99% and there will be evilness most of everywhere on the earth. The year of 432000 has passed, thus you will see the Lord Kalki who has decided to appear before the people at His appointed time.

 Holy scriptures prophesied that Kalki avtar will come, when all the three rivers Saraswati, Yamuna and Ganga will return to heavens or dried.


In Gita it is said – Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth, age after age.

Appointed time will appear when people will have no power to understand the God’s philosophy or God consciousness. At that time, when there are no more religious principles, there is no other alternative than to kill them all.

At that time the Kalki avatara will come, and He’ll take a sword on the horseback, just like a king send from heaven, He’ll simply go on killing all these non-believers, Godless creatures and usher in another Satya-yuga, the golden age of righteousness and truth.

The Role of Geeta in Life & Liberation


AADISHRI ARUN: The Bhagwat Geeta is a direct conversation between God and man.  This is why we can trust what the Geeta says as the word of God.  This book shows us not only to live an ideal life but it also acquaints us with the form and nature of God and how to reach the Godhead.  The people of the world who are trapped in cycles of lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego, need true guidance to escape from these cycles that only ultimately give sorrow.

In this world, whatever can be seen through the sense organs, or imagined in the brain is fated to perish.  Their reality is no more real than a dream that mind sees when asleep.

This realization is key for a soul to move onto the path of liberation.

The Geeta hides within, the secret to life, death and liberation.  Lord Krishna explains to Arjun that every man who is born, is born for a purpose and once that purpose is achieved the soul of that man leaves the body and it is no use to grieve over the passing away of that body.  The one who is born is sure to die.  All that happens is that the eternal imperishable soul leaves a body and takes another just as a man discards old clothes to wear new ones.  The person who adopts the Geeta as his guide, does not have to struggle to find the answers to his life’s eternal questions.  Geeta teaches us many things.  It teaches us how to battle the difficulties and obstacles of life. It teaches us how to connect to God. It gives us the message of sacrifice, love and duty.  The Geeta lays special emphasis on Action.  Liberation is possible only for that person, who while doing his duties in the world, worships the Lord.  To follow the Geeta is to abandon Ego, Jealousy, Greed etc and to follow the path of humanity.