God is Faithfull to His Promises

images (2) The promise of God is like a mighty ship that cleaves through creation to achieve its goal. Nothing can resist the promise of God. God has made and continues to make many promises to his children and each of these promises has to come true yet we, His children lose faith and hope as we have to wait. We doubt that we will get what we were promised.  We think that what we expect from the Lord is only a dream that will never be fulfilled.  This is the general state of mind of most devotees.  To all of us God says the following:-

“O! Friends, are you lacking in any blessing in your life? Do not be disheartened! Look up to me. No matter how many promises I have made, they are as many “Yes” in me.” (Bible, 2 Corinthians 1:20).

A famous example of God’s promise is as follows – God promised Abraham a son and said He would bless his descendants with the blessing that they would rule many nations. At that time Abraham was 75 years old and his wife had also crossed the child-bearing age so this promise of God was unbelievable to most of the people. And Abraham had to wait for 25 years for the promise (of ruling many nations) to be fulfilled through his son Isaac. The Bible says, “That Abraham did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, (Bible, Romans 4:20-21). 25 years is a long time and all through the years he never doubted that God would fulfil what God had promised and he did not waver in his faith in God. Not only that, Abraham went one step further. He gave glory to God as if he had already received the promise. This is how he showed the strength of his faith. And the Lord did fulfil His promise to Abraham with a son Isaac.


However long it takes, God’s words will come to pass and we should have faith and patience.  There is a compelling reason why this is true and that reason is related to how this universe is constructed.


In the beginning there was only an undifferentiated sea of potent nothingness. This nothingness contained everything inside it but at that time nothing had emerged from this nothingness.  The first thing that arose was a desire of the Lord to experience Himself and this desire started the process of differentiation and that of creation.  The One became two then three and then many.  God appointed Kaal  to take charge of creation and ordered him to create the entire world from a small portion of God’s being.  Kaal did as he was told but he took certain promises from God.  He said that for creation to happen, he would have to create ignorance since otherwise each part of creation, knowing its true nature, would merge back in God and creation would soon come to an end.  Therefore to keep creation going, deception-untruth, had to be created  by Kaal.  Kaal also said that he would have to create certain inducements that would attract all the souls into creation as otherwise again creation would not be able to exist for long.  Thus inducements were also created for the purpose of deceiving/ seducing the soul so that it may forget the Lord and be attracted to creation instead.   Kaal further took a promise from the Lord that the Lord would never directly interfere in the Law of Cause and effect or never directly show himself to the people on earth or show miracles openly since that would again shake the very foundations of creation.

God agreed to Kaal’s conditions so that creation could take place and Kaal carried out all those activities that created this universe.  Thus two poles were created.  The first one is Kaal, whose job is to keep all the souls engaged in creation through various inducements which are all essentially deceptions, while the other pole is the Lord Himself, who stands for everything opposite. The Lord is the Truth as opposed to the deception that Kaal practices.

This is why the following is said in the scriptures


(1) God does not lie because He is not a man. The Bible, Numbers 23:19 prophesies – “God is not a man that He should lie.”

(2)God does not lie because He is not the devil. The Bible, John 8:44 says, “The Devil was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.”

(3) God does not lie because He is the Lord and He cannot change. The Bible, Malachi 3:6 has prophesied -“For I am the Lord, I cannot change.”


As can be seen from the above statements from the Holy Bible, God is really our father, who desires us to come to Him through our own free will after seeing through the game that Kaal (the devil) plays.  God is also aware that we are living in a delusion created by Kaal.  This delusion is extremely powerful and we, His children are taken in and we get into all kinds of difficulties as a result.  At such times God helps all those who believe in Him even though they are not able to see Him. To believe without seeing  is indeed a difficult thing and worthy of the respect of God. God stands for all the good qualities such as Truth, love and loyalty.  He may test our faith but He never lets down His devotees.  There is also a grand design that is being fulfilled through all of us – His children and since the time-frame  for the fulfilment of the grand design is big, therefore it seems that the promise of God is unfulfilled but we should never doubt that the promise will be fulfilled in the future.

Thus God’s promises carries two things – (1) A better future and (2) A hope for His children. Bible, Jeremiah 29:10-11 prophesied – “The truth is this – you will be in Babylon …But when I will come and do for you all the good things I have promised and bring you home again, you do not know. For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you future and hope.”

God’s promises give us a sign or a reason to hope and believe that something good, successful and better will happen to us in future. Abraham is an example of this above truth when God said, “I have made thee a father of many nations.” Abraham against hope believed in this hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken.(Bible, Romans 4:17-18) Thus the promises of God not only gives us what to hope for but also provides us with faith so that we may believe in that hope even if our hope seems impossible.

Now faith is the substance of things to hope for, the evidence of things not seen. (Bible, Hebrews 11:1)


God’s promises are real but unseen. Like a pregnant woman, you cannot see or tell what is in her womb until she is put to bed and delivers a child, so is the promises of God.


The Apostle Paul revealed “But hope (the promises of God) that is seen is not hope (the promises of God): for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hoper for? (Bible, Romans 8:24)


The promises of God seen is not a promise rather it is the manifestation or the performance of what God had promised. Bible, Luke 1:45 prophesied, “For there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the God.”

There are three steps to Fulfilling God’s Promises.

1. God created each one of us for His glory. Therefore, you can move from a place of desolation into prophetic fulfilment of His destiny for you. Have you ever waited so long for a promise to manifest that you lost hope? The Bible clearly tells us that we don’t live down here on Earth with our sights set    only on what is temporal, but we are to have a view of eternity and operate   from that perspective. Even in our greatest hour here on Earth, our best is still     ahead.

2. God will give us grace to endure what is going on in our temporal world until we come into the fullness of our eternal destiny. But God has a wonderful plan for our temporal existence as well that will flow into our eternal   communion with Him. The prophet Jeremiah wrote, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,  says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and   a hope”  ( Bible, Jeremiah 29:11). God has given us promises for salvationinheritance and spiritual life on  which we  can base our future. We discover His plan for our destinies through our covenant   relationships with Him. He may reveal His desires to us through an urging or intense desire that He stirs within us. We may also have supernatural encounters with God through His Word, or through dreams, visionsmiracles or prophetic words that we receive.

Each time we respond to the Lord in obedience, we see progress in the realization of  our earthly purpose. God works all things together for good to position us properly so that His plans can be fulfilled. This process and progression is called       prophetic fulfilment.

3. God’s Now Times-In the natural cycle of life, there are seasons, and every one of them has a time frame. Some seasons are filled with desolation, but there is a time when God’s promises are manifested—when desolation ends and prophetic fulfilment begins.

That was the case in one family when 10 years of barrenness came to an end with the birth of the first of our six children. When a time of desolation or wilderness ends and a new season of promise begins, those are God’s now times.

In Daniel 9, we see a biblical example of the end of desolation and the beginning   of a season of prophetic fulfilment. When Daniel began reading the prophecies of    Jeremiah, Israel had been in captivity in Babylon for 70 years and was still in bondage .

    Suddenly, Daniel understood that now was the time for the prophecy to be fulfilled. The 70 years of desolation Jeremiah had prophesied were completed, and the time had come to break out of captivity (Bible, Jeremiah 25:11).

            Daniel came to an understanding that the season was changing, and Israel  needed to break out of captivity. He turned to God through prayer and  supplications and began to deny himself through fasting (Bible, Dan. 9:3).

            By doing these things, he reconciled himself with God, as a representative of Israel, and broke out of the season of desolation. This allowed the Israelites to  begin to move into their future.

            Through His promises to us, God is breaking off desolation personally, corporately and territorially—and hell hates it. Any time you are getting ready to break forth into a new season of prophetic fulfilment, Satan will oppose you and try  to keep you in the desolation of the past.

            Therefore, Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for He is faithful that promised. (Bible, Hebrews 13:8, 10:23) If we believe not, yet the  abideth faithful: He cannot deny himself. (Bible, II Timothy 2:13) God believes and knows who he is and he cannot deny himself, even if man fails to believe in whom God is. He still abides faithful and as God. God is a promise maker and also a promise fulfiller. He will fulfil every promise of His concerning your life, business, family, ministry etc in Him.

How God Fulfills His Promise Part – III


We are living in a time when wickedness is dominant.  These times can be called the era of wicked people.  In the Hindu religion it is called as Kaliyuga and as per the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran, these are called the end of days.  This is a time of great strife and difficulty and a time that is full of grave dangers, natural disasters and of man betraying man for the sake of petty gain.  As we look around us we see ample evidence of this.  This century has been full of major natural disasters, climate change, ecological disasters, strange and new diseases and wars.  Even as I write this, the conflict in Syria is on and going from bad to worse.  We have just experienced the worst forms of brutality and the world’s most powerful body-The United Nations is helpless in preventing the slaughter, rape and destruction of innocent people.  Man has failed to protect the weak and the helpless and the decent and good people of the world can only turn to the Lord for help.  The question is that the Lord has promised us many things in the scriptures but will He fulfil these Promises? And if He does fulfill these promises then how will He do so?  The question we are all asking is-What form will the fulfilling of the promises take? The answer is that the fulfillment of these promises will be done through the appearance of a great surprise or will be done as miracles.

Today most people don’t believe that the Lord will actually do those things that the Lord says that He will do. The reason is that we doubt the Lord and have no confidence in what is written in the scriptures even though it sounds good and we want to believe it.  What we see today is that evil seems to be prospering and all decent people are suffering.  Seeing this with our own eyes, it is difficult to believe what is written in a book, however holy the book may be.  Yet this fear hides an eternal truth.  That truth is that want you want to have in your life, the Lord is easily able to provide. The question then is.  What is preventing you from receiving these blessings that the Lord gives to all His devotees?  That missing thing is simple.  Have it and no-one can prevent you from receiving the blessings of your Father-the Lord.  That thing is simply FAITH.  How can you receive anything from anyone if you don’t believe in that person?  Since very few people have full faith in the Lord and instead have faith in their own efforts or in the world, therefore they don’t receive God’s blessings and help.  Yet there have been people who have had full faith in the Lord. A famous example is Moses.  He had so much faith in the Lord that the Lord would come and speak to him face to face.

What we have is a contract with God.  That contract states that our heavenly father will always be there for us and look after us when we ask Him for His help. And we promise to be His loving children, who love, respect and cherish Him.  As His loving children we promise to honour Him and obey Him and follow His wishes.

The promise of God is a statement which is eternal and unchanging like a rock but our promise to God is shaky.  We change our promise and stance every day and we doubt God also.  The contract that we have with God is thus incomplete.  God does what he is supposed to do but we are unfit vessels for His blessings.  Just as no matter how much water is poured into a broken vessel, it will always flow out, similarly all of God’s blessings flow out of our lives.  Like a letter that has a wrong address put on it can never reach its destination, similarly God’s blessings that are ever flowing out of His heart, never reach those devotees that are broken vessels-that denotes those of us who don’t keep their promises to God or who doubt Him.

In 1999, I was deputy manager in print media. A little boy came in my office. He gave a few coins to the Manager in the Advertisement Department and said: “Sir, I want you to publish an advertisement in your newspaper.” The manager was much surprised seeing the age of the boy. He asked the boy, “What is the advertisement about?” The boy replied, “WANTED – a mother for a little boy.” On hearing this, the manager was very much moved. The boy, with tears flooding his eyes, pleaded, “Sir I have no mother. There is none in this world who loves me. Please publish this advertisement. I want someone to come forward, someone to accept me the way I am and to comfort me as if she were my own mother.” The readers can only imagine how pitiful would the situation be for the boy!

O! Friends, you may languish in bitter loneliness and lament saying, “No one cares for me,” but do not despair. The Lord Himself has come down with the new name of Kalki in India. He says to everyone, “I will lift up those who are languishing in loneliness and misery and bless them.” So friends, do not doubt the Lord. He will surely lift you up and bless you. Your father and mother may forsake you, but the Lord will receive you as stated in the Bible, Psalm 27:10- “Be of good cheer! He will turn all your sorrows into joy.”

There are three reasons not to doubt the words of the Lord. They are as follows:-

(1) God does not lie because He is not a man. The Bible, Numbers 23:19 prophesies – “God is not a man that He should lie.”

(2)God does not lie because He is not the devil. The Bible, John 8:44 says, “The Devil was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.”

(3) God does not lie because He is the Lord and He cannot change. The Bible, Malachi 3:6 has prophesied -“For I am the Lord, I cannot change.”

The Bible, James 1:17 has prophesied – Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

Therefore friends, do not despair and do not doubt the words of the Lord since it is that doubt and your wrong conduct that prevents those eternal blessings from reaching you.

How God Fulfill His Promise Part – II

images (54)images (53)God created men according to His own image as His own family and He wanted to keep us around Him and to see us regularly. He did not want to see us getting into trouble, or to experience difficulties or to go far from His eyes. His desire was to see us as His most obedient children and He desires to see us obeying His commandments. Unfortunately we, His children became disobedient and did not obey His wishes.  This is why sorrow, problems and fear enters into our life. Due to fear, we are unable to relish the fruits of life. Because we were disobedient, death came into our life. We began to go through the cycle of birth and death repeatedly as night follows day and day follows night.

The constant question that all men face as they go through this cyclic journey is that how will they manage their problems. Man feels helpless and worried in the face of death and in the face of all these problems. This is the reason for stress that we all face. This constant stress results in the absence of peace of mind and absence of joy in our lives. Seeing man nervous and joyless, The Lord decided to come down to the earth, on Indian soil.  He came with the new name ‘Kalki’. This is prophesised in the third chapter of the Holy Book “Kalki Comes in 1985″, It says that the Lord has come down in a Brahmin family in Mathura city in Uttar Pradesh of North India in the first half of 1985 i.e. Baisakh Mass, Shukla paksh, Dwadasi tithi. The Kalki Purana in 1;2:15 has also prophesied the same thing i.e. That Lord Vishnu took incarnation on the twelfth day of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksh) in the month of Baisakh. And Bhavishya Purana, Pratisarg Parv, Part – 4th, Chapter – 5, Page No – 331 has prophesied – at the request of  Radha ji, Lord has appeared in the name of Lord Kalki on the border of Mathura – Vrindavan at the place where RASMANDAL was carried out.

The Lord has promised us many things but the question is that how will He fulfill these promises.  This will be done through the appearance of a great surprise or will be done as miracles.  Today mostly people take the promise of the Lord lightly and think that those promises will never be fulfilled.  All the things that you want to have in your life, the Lord is easily able to provide but what is required from you is to have faith in the Lord just as Moses had faith in the Lord. It is said that Moses had so much faith in God, that God would speak to Moses face to face. (The Holy Bible Numbers 12:7-8)

Thus we should always give thanks to the Lord. We should chant his name and he will fulfil our wishes.  He will fulfil not only your desires but the desires to others by making you a vehicle.  The Lord is determined to heal the sorrows of his people through all means including miracles.


The intention of God is for you to prosper in all aspects of your life even as your soul prospers (Bible, 3 John 2). Since this is the intention of God, it has to come true.  Things happen at a time and place of God’s choosing, in a manner that is most suitable as per the grand design. All we have to do is to have faith in God’s plan and wait for that moment to come.  Thus whatever may be the lack or the distress in our life, you must hold on to Him and wait for Him to act.  God’s way provides peace and guards us from all dangers, not only those dangers that we can see (Bible, Isaiah 26:3) but those we can’t.  If you know God and have faith in His blessings then you don’t have to feel that you have no one influential in your life to take care of you, that your human pillars of strength such as your father are not there to look after you. You don’t have to lament- ” My father is no more! Hereafter, who is there to talk for me?”

Thus do all actions that you think are necessary but behind that action, keep all your hope and faith on the Rock our Lord Kalki ; He will give the blessing at the right time (Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:11; Matthew 7:11). God provides nurturing for all those who have faith in Him. Does He not provide food for the young ravens who are completely helpless? (Bible, Psalm 147:9). The truth is that God never forsakes those who believe in Him and He will never forsake you. So, wait patiently for Him.

We are living in a time when we can get everything in an instant. We do not have to work hard as people had to do before. From coffee to food to noodles, everything is available instantaneously! We even make instant friends on social networks with people we don’t even know. In this fast world, we don’t have patience and grumble when things don’t happen in a hurry or happen our way. We want instant gratification and we lose faith and patience very quickly if things don’t happen the way we think they should happen.  Thus, we have a doubting nature and we even condemn God for not doing things for us instantly or blame Him for the mishaps and adverse things that happen in our lives. A grumbling or murmuring spirit is against God and it becomes a hindrance that prevents God’s blessings from flowing into our lives. Grumbling opens the door to the devil as we begin to doubt God’s plan for us. We get hasty and try to do things our way-out of greed and fear- and this ends in failure and tears. God’s timing is perfect. He makes everything beautiful in their time. Let us not grumble and block the blessings but keep faith and patient and receive the blessings of God in our lives.

The earthly father wants his children to enjoy everything. For this purpose, he works hard and earns wealth and treasure for his children. He takes pity on the children when they go astray. He has compassion on those of his children who repent for their wrong-doings and surrender to him. Similarly, your heavenly Father too works for you; He watches over you with concern; He will neither slumber nor sleep (Bible, Psalm 121:4). He guards over you with concern. The Bible says that He preserves us like a bird flying over (Bible, Isaiah 31:5). O! Friends, Almighty God is awesome in power. He gives, to His disciples, the power and authority to deliver the people from the power of the devil and to pluck out the root of sickness (Bible, Luke 10:19; Matthew 10:1). Filled with the Spirit of God and His power, He made the man, who was lame from birth, walk in taking the Lord’s name Kalki. Similarly, a blind man got vision in both eyes in the name of Lord Kalki, another man who had kidney failure found his kidney’s healed and a lady found her cancer gone by the grace of Lord Kalki.

O! Friends, when we look at the ministry of Lord Kalki, we must also exhibit the same passion for healing that we have observed in Him. God desires to release the gifts of healing and power into you to heal others. Ask the Lord saying today, “Lord, grant me Your power. Help me to bring deliverance through Your power to the people who suffer in sickness and sorrow.” Then the Lord will surely hear your prayer; grant you His power according to His promise, “For everyone who asks receives” (Bible, Matthew 7:8) and use you mightily for His glory. God has declared – “I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.” (Bible, Genesis 12:2)

Once I went to Gauri Narayan Pur which is  situated in Azam Garh U.P. to conduct a spiritual meeting among the people. A great multitude of people warmly received me. I asked them about their living conditions and what kind of problems they faced. They said, “Our village is totally dependent on the monsoon rains and there has been no rain this year. Agriculture has waned and there are so much drought and shortages. Please pray to the gracious Lord Kalki to grant us rain. Let the Almighty God have compassion on us.”  Their condition distressed me and I could not stop tears from coming into my eyes on hearing their plight. I raised my hand and prayed with tears, “Loving father, You have promised that ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.’ Let the sky open; let there be rain from heaven. Let the lakes be filled; let the wells be filled; let the ponds be filled.” I pleaded with the Lord to bless the people. The moment we left the village, there was a heavy downpour. Every lake, pond, canal and well in that village overflowed with water. The next day, all the newspapers of that area were filled with this news, “All the lakes have been filled; never had there been such torrential rains.”
See, How close is the Lord to His children! See how He listens to our prayers. O! Friends, the Lord supplies all our needs. He fills everything with blessings. He sends rain at the due time. He gives us prosperous times. He fills our belly with food and our hearts with gladness. This is the nature of our God. If you reject this mighty and caring God, it is you who would lose His blessings. Let us say, “Lord, You are always good to me. Though I am a traitor, You have protected me and given me Your life.”  When you pray like this, the Lord’s heart is moved with compassion. He will supply all your needs. He will fill you with all good things and make you happy. The Lord is desirous of giving you all these benefits. You need not wander here and there seeking blessings from pilgrimages. The Lord is near you (Bible, Isaiah 55:6). Call to Him saying, “Lord, remember me for good.” He will supply all your needs and satisfy you with all blessings.

O! Friend, we humans make promises every day. Sometimes the promises are verbal and sometimes the promise is given with a sign that confirms the promise, The sign could be a signature or a seal or something in written.  For example, in a wedding, the exchange of rings is a sign of a promise that the newly wedded couple will always love, cherish and help their spouse in sickness and in health as long as they both are alive.

Another example is a letter that we post to someone that we want to send a message to.  The stamp on that letter which we purchase is the proof of a promise by the government that it will deliver that letter in all conditions.  It does not matter if it is raining or if it is hot or stormy or snowing. That is the promise that this stamp represents.

A credit card uses a similar device.  When we use the credit card we have to sign on a piece of paper that denotes our purchase and the price thereof.  When we sign the slip, we are promising to pay that amount. Your signature is your promise.

People make promises every day but do they always keep their promises? Similarly God also has made promises. Now the question is – does God always fulfil His promises? The answer is straightforward. Yes He does! The holy book says, “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Him. (Bible, 2 Corinthians 1:20) That is what I want to tell you today. So I say to you-May the Almighty God bless you and make you a blessing according to the promise – “I will make you a great nation; I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.” (Bible, Genesis 12:2)

Thus we should give thanks to Lord Kalki and chant his name and always keep him in our hearts and He definitely will fulfil His promise to you in your life.  Not only for you but also through you.  The Lord is determined to fulfil His promises to you even if it means doing miracles and wonders.



Secret to Liberation

images (10)Secret means something that is hidden and is not part of general knowledge.  The question is-Why do people not find Liberation even when they say that they want it?  The reason is that the way to liberation is a secret way.  Brothers-remember that the boat has to be in the water-there is no other way for it to exist but if the water comes above the level of the boat then the boat sinks in the ocean.  In the same way, the mind has to live in this Sansaar-world but if instead of getting overwhelmed by the world and its pleasures and pains, if that mind is able to focus on the creator then that mind finds freedom and liberation.  If the things of the world; if outward appearances of things in the world and / or subjects concerning the world, arouse deep interest in the mind and come to reside in the mind then liberation is not possible.  Why is this so?  Because when the Jeevatma-the individual soul leaves the body at the time of death it forgets the body quickly but the Jeevatma does not forget the mind.  In fact it carries along the mind with it even after death.  It is the very same mind and its interests and desires that lead to the formation of the next birth of that Jeevatma.

We may obsess about our bodies but do we even remember the body we had in our previous births? But the mind of the earlier lives is alive in this body and till it desires the objects of this world it will continually come back to this world to experience those objects. This is what drives the cycle of birth and death.  Therefore if liberation is desired then the mind must be understood and its attachment to this ever-changing meaningless world must be redirected to the only true and eternal thing in this world-the supreme lord.

This is why I ask all of you to always put your attention on the supreme lord. Think of him all the time, Dream of him and imagine what he would be like.  When a majority of your attention is focused in this way progress towards liberation will be made.

This is the way but for most of us, money, business, happiness, sorrow, and other material objects are more important and the mind obsesses about these things rather than the lord.  Therefore I say to you that those things that bind you, those that naturally draw your desire and attention, surrender those very things to the lord.  But since you don’t do this, liberation is not achieved by you.

There is no need to do various acts to achieve liberation.  There is no need to close one’s eyes to the reality or take Sanyaas; there is no need to do Pranayam.  The negation of the mind happens naturally on its own when it has no resistance to anything outside itself.  When that states happens simply and without effort or resistance then liberation dawns on its own.  Therefore it is said that if donation is given by the left hand then even the right hand should not know about it so that the mind is not activated.  Who is the one in bondage?  It is the mind and therefore liberation is also of the mind.  The soul does not need liberation since its inherent state is that of liberation.

The soul is eternally free.  It always exists and never changes, ages or dies or is reborn.  The body dissolves into the five elements but the soul never changes and nothing can affect it. (Geeta 2:20) The soul simply changes bodies when a person dies just as I and you discard old clothes to wear new ones. (Geeta 2:22)

The soul can simply not be altered.  It cannot be cut nor burnt nor wetted nor dried (Geeta 2:23)

By constantly thinking about subjects and objects of the world the mind gets trapped in the world but if the mind goes inwards towards thoughts, dreams and imaginations about the supreme father then it is liberated and the work is done since the soul is already liberated.

There was a round pot with a narrow mouth.  Someone had kept chickpeas in that pot. A monkey came and put his hand inside the pot to take out the chickpeas.  The hand went in since it was open and straight but as the monkey grabbed the chickpeas he had to close his fist to extract the chickpeas.  Now the diameter of the hand became larger than the mouth of the pot and the monkey was unable to extract his hand as long his hand was balled into a fist.  The monkey sat like that crying that he was trapped and could not find liberation!  He yelled and shouted that he desperately wanted freedom and requested everyone’s help but refused to open his fist since that meant that he would lose the chickpeas!

How silly is that!  So if you feel trapped and feel that you are unable to find freedom inspite of trying hard then think about what your mind is obsessed with.  Think of that subject and release it, surrender it into the feet of the divine.  Also try to find out what and where the mind truly disappears.  If you can’t figure it out let me tell you.  The mind truly disappears only in the supreme lord.  Therefore put your attention only in the supreme lord and you will find freedom and liberation.