Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part 22


Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part 22

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part - 22

Warning from God

In today’s time, God has himself come by taking Avatar in the form of Lord Kalki. Today the Lord has come like a light, to illuminate your dark life. He has come to spread happiness like flowers and he has come to plant bountiful crops in the otherwise barren landscape of your life. He has come to remove sorrow, disease, discomfort, conflict and even death from your life.




For God, there is nothing to do for Himself –no duty to perform; no goal to achieve and no object to acquire (Geeta chapter 3 verse 22), yet He comes from time to time to regulate and reset the nature of the world back to the righteous path, since left to itself, the tendency of this universe is to slip towards chaos and anarchy.

God comes and does whatever is required to re-establish Dharma in its rightful place. He does so to the extent required before departing back to his permanent abode – Vaikunth.

Sage Vedvyaas says in The Srimad Bhagwatam Mahapuraan(10:33:37), that God appears in physical form on earth to guide humans out of their misery and to also perform deeds that would help inspire man’s soul back towards their true home-Godhead. Godhead is the only place where Sat-Chit-Anand (Truth; Consciousness; bliss) can be obtained in full measure and not in the materialistic world where most of us seek it.

The human who realizes that God Himself walks amongst us and that the divine light of love shines on all, such a person acquires that quality of devotion towards God that is necessary for him to realize Godhood.

For such a devotee, just the name of God is enough to send him into the ecstasy of self realization. For him, just the Name of God is enough, complete and satisfying in itself and he needs nothing else to make his life happy and fulfilling.

Taking the Lord’s name is in itself enough to provide both inner and outer beauty, health and happiness.

Yet most people who repeat the name of God in prayer, do so rote with their minds, as if they are performing a duty, while their attention is on other things.  If done this way, the chanting of God’s name becomes futile-only lip service since it does not come from the heart. This is the primary reason why people do not get the results that the scriptures talk about. This is amongst the many mistakes that devotees make and therefore they don’t get results.

Let us look at the various faults and mistakes that are made in worship so that we may rectify them.

  1. People start worshipping statues instead of God.
  2. People start to worship the various limited forms of God and they worship even the demi-gods. This is wrong worship since by worshipping the limited forms of God; the devotee is deluded back into the material world. This is because the gods and the demi-gods are only capable of providing temporary material relief. Even if such relief is gained, once the effects are over, the soul faces the original desolation of existence once again since real happiness can come only when the soul comes to know of its real nature-Godhead. Thus a person who prays to the demi-gods only deludes himself and gains at best some temporary relief. If God, the Supreme Father is like the sun, then the other gods and demi-gods are like the moon. The moon may give light but that light is also borrowed from the sun and it is not its own light.
  3. Most people do not lead a life as ordained by God (in the true spirit), nor do they offer 10% of their gross income to the house of the Guru. This means that they don’t treat God as their own family and this step-motherly treatment prevents realization of God in our lives.
  4. And finally man shows himself as mostly untrustworthy since he is more interested in the material world rather than in God. God always offers man a choice. God offers either Himself or his creation to man. Very few people choose God over His own creation. Such people do not even celebrate the festivals that have been established by God himself to remind the people of the world of the significance of remembering God. All these behaviors are enough for God’s wrath to fall upon such false devotees.
  5. When man is in trouble, then he seeks God’s help in temples, mosques, churches, and other places of worship such as rivers, mountains and pilgrimage destinations. Man looks for God in the sun, moon, stars, stones and other such objects. Yet God who is in every pore, is forgotten the moment the difficulties of man pass. Essentially man is always looking for help from God, when in trouble but forgetting God when the troubles are over.

These false concepts and behaviors is why all of us are suffering in our life and this is why our life is cursed.

The fact is that entire creation is tied up in the rule of God’s will and nothing can happen outside his will. Ignorant men thinks that they are in charge of their destiny and what the ignorant man gets from God’s grace, he thinks is because of his intelligence or actions. God can smile at the foolishness of such a man.

Do you want to be abundant and happy?  The answer is simple. Come closer to God since God is abundant with peace and prosperity. The closer you are, the closer you come to peace and prosperity. Like the branch of a tree that is well attached to the trunk, you will be abundant and fruitful.

The fact is that God wants to grant you peace and happiness. He wants to remove sorrow and difficulties from your life. But that can happen only if we are close to God. The closer to God, the more peaceful and the further from God, the more restless and unhappy we become.

This brings me to the concept of Samarpan, which can be loosely translated to the word Surrender. What is the meaning of this term Surrender? Surrender is the state of mind where we accept with faith the reality of God.  But surrender is not easy. Our mind comes in the way. The mind creates a barrier in our surrender to God /Guru since it always wants to create a separate identity for itself. The mind fears surrender and it creates all kinds of emotions-fear, anger, jealousy, doubt etc that are barriers between us and God. The typical average devotee constantly sways between these conflicting and troubling emotions. This disturbed and fickle mind can never receive the right lesson and the right knowledge. Such a devotee may gain some material knowledge that strengthens its Ego but till such an Ego surrenders, it cannot proceed on the path to liberation.

By surrendering, the Ego and delusion are lost. Jealousy, ambition etc also cannot find an anchor and peace enters the being of such a man. It also helps to focus the mind of the devotee on its true goal-Godhead.

The sad truth is that in today’s world, man has not maintained the sanctity and dignity of knowledge or the knowledge giver. Whether it is divine knowledge or knowledge related to this world, it is important to surrender and respect the Guru.

And what has to be surrendered to the Guru?

These are the following four surrenders-

1. The devotees mind should trust the words of the Guru and implement them faithfully and completely.

2. The devotee should be truly devoted to God and Guru.

3. The devotee should worship only God and Guru.

4. The devotee should bow down only to God and Guru. This is what the Bhagwat Geeta also clearly states in chapter 18 verse 65.

The other important point that I want to discuss is the question of peace. The question is – Can I possible reach a state of peace while living in this world?  This question is important since every soul craves peace.

Friends, the answer to this question is that true peace is possible but we should stop mistaking the gaining of peace with gaining of those objects that we think will give us peace. Most of commit this mistake and we spend our entire life gathering those objects – houses, cars, and all tools of a wealthy lifestyle. We forget that this world is a flux constructed by Maya and it is temporary in nature. The objects that we gather are not the source of peace. All they are is tools to achieve certain goals. Their existence and usefulness will end one day. That’s the nature of existence. When we forget this, we either live for acquiring objects of desire or we live in fear of losing those objects that we have acquired. The one who lives in the acquisitive mode lives in the state of expanded ego and the one that realizes that he can lose those objects, such people live in fear. In either mode how can there be happiness?

To be happy, we need to live in a mode that is the state of non desire or non attachment and the attitude of gratitude about what we have.

The question then is-How do we convert our attachment to the objects of this world to detachment?

The only way to do so it to shift your focus from the outside to the inside since what is inside is far more real than what is outside. Once our attention shifts inwards, joy starts coming unbidden.

So this is the secret of being happy. Even the gods and other divine beings are deluded by sense objects and are therefore engrossed in fear of losing their power and position because they too have desires. Give up desire and you will lose fear.