Way of doing undivided devotional service

Lord said in Gita 11:54 – Only by undivided devotional service can I be understood as I am, standing before you, and can thus be seen directly. Now question is “what is the way of doing undivided devotional service?”

There are six way of doing undivided devotional service:-
(1) Pray to the God (प्रार्थना) (2) Worship (पूजा) (3) Praise the God (स्तुति) (4) Kirtan (कीर्तन) (5) Listening Katha (कथा श्रवण) (6) Remember (स्मरण)
(1) Pray to the God (प्रार्थना): Remember to God in Brahm Muhurt as you get up, give thanks to Him and praise Him desire-free.(Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 7 ;10:9)
(2) Worship (पूजा): After taking bath, pray to God desire-free and remember His roopam. Those who are praying to God for fulfilling their desire, are a complete businessman and their attitude are giving & taking . (Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 7 ;10:1-4)
(3)Praise the God (स्तुति) : Praise the God and tell Him – O! Lord, I am giving you thanks because You have called me.
(4) Kirtan (कीर्तन) : Do kirtan by using the name of God in disturb-free place.
(5) Listening Katha (कथा श्रवण) : For this attend the of Saga.
(6)Remember (स्मरण) : Offer your all karma in Lord alone  (Gita 9:27-28; Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 1;5 :32,34)

What your need?

                                                                                                                        Ishwar Putra Arun

God has created four places  – (1) Anami – GODSELF (2) Sachch Khand/Akaal (3) Maha-Kaal and (4) Kaal/Pind Desh

You have to select the place according to your need. The place to whom you select, will be your final goal. And you will reach that place by doing your effort.
*Anami – GODSELF / Real Golok Dham
*Sachch Khand/Akaal :There are three Lokas in this place – (1) Agam (2) Alakh (3) Sat – Lok
*Maha-Kaal :- There are three Lokas in this place – (1) Bhanwar Gupha / Soham Brahm / Nih Akshar (2) Maha – Shunya (3) Shunya / Ra ram Brahm / Akshar
*Kaal/Pind Desh :- There are three Lokas in this place – (1) BRAHMAND (CAUSAL)/ Ati Sukshm (2) SUBTLE/Sukshm (3) PIND (PHYSICAL)
(1) BRAHMAND (CAUSAL)/ Ati Sukshm: There are two places in this Brahmand Causal – (1) Dasam Dwar / Kshar (2) Trikuti / Maya Brahm / Aum-kar
(2) SUBTLE/Sukshm– There are three places in this Brahmand – (1) Jyoti Niranjan (2) Sahas – Dal – Kanwal (3) THIRD EYE
Jiva has follen into the cage of Kaal and Kaal has put the attractive food – Desire, Anger, Lust and Attachment to eat. Jiva are engaged in taking these attractive foods. One day Kaal comes and swallows the Jiva.

Now you have to select the place according to your need. The place to whom you select,  you will reach the same by doing your effort.