Do you want to experience God in your life?


Love is like a peace giving waterfall.  All those who come under its influence also get peace. Just as this waterfall of peace does not contain any negative feelings, similarly the heart of the person in love also does not contain any jealousy, ill-will or hatred.  Mahatma Gandhi used to, with his own hands, look after a leper.  He felt no repulsion for him but only love and compassion. The vastness and grandeur of love takes in all negative emotions and feeling like a river that takes in all the filth that is put in it and it recycles it.

Love comes from the soul and even if there is a lot of impurity, the soul still remains loving and kind and a loving person never keeps anyone deprived of his love whatever may be the nature of that person.

It is the truth that the only progress ever made by human civilization is only because of the feeling of love.  Love is the building force.  The feelings of jealousy, ill-will and hatred only create unrest and strife in society and only the force of love can build anything. When we are able to inculcate this kind of feeling in one’s heart, whether we are rich or poor, whether we stay in a permanent construction or a temporary construction, whether we stay in the city or the village, we will always be happy and peaceful.

Love unites all hatred and divisions between people, between communities or nations.  The biggest sacrifices can easily be made by a person who is loving.  Love removes mental stress, depression and removes fear as well.  The feeling of love only knows how to give and not how to take. Tit-for-tat or revenge can never be felt by a person who is in love.  Love strengthens faith, Love does not need to prove itself since it is self evident. All divisions-high-low, different religions, rich-poor, different castes etc are obliterated and only peace, joy and happiness are experienced. Geeta chapter 6:28 says that by constantly focussing the attention of the soul on the super soul, unlimited joy is experienced.  Peace is the result of the worship of God and this peace is the fruit of love.  If one wants to worship the Lord in a simple manner one should be devoted to being loving.  Let us resolve to be such a person.