Time Period of Kaliyuga Has Finished

Time Period of Kaliyuga Has Finished

Aadishri Arun

Time Period of Kaliyuga Has Finished


Time Period of Kaliyuga Has Finished/Kaliyug has passed its expiry date

According to page no. 129, of the Skanda Purana, Kaliyug has already passed 27 times, Maheshwar Khand-Kumarika Khand, states that we are living in the 28th Kaliyug. The first true age, the ultimate era of truth.

 So, what is going to happen in  the 28th Kaliyuga???

  • Some details of the 28th Kaliyuga is mentioned below:

* After 3290 years of Kali Yuga, the ruler of the world will be king named Shudrak.
* Post 3311th year of Kaliyug will be the kingdom of Nand dynasty. A Brahmin with the name Chanakya will destroy Nandians.
* After the completion of 3020 years of Kaliyuga, Vikramaditya shall rule the earth.
* Post 3600 years of Kali Yuga, will mark the birth of Lord Vishnu as Lord Buddha, who will manifest himself from the womb of Anjani in the Magadha kingdom.
* 4000 years after the Kali Yuga, the progeny of Maharaj Pramitri will be the ruler of the Chandra dynasty.
* When people will begin to suffer due to the ill effect of Kaliyuga, then they will take shelter of impure conducts and shall perform nefarious cunning acts.

Due to lack of Dharma and virtue, people will be overpowered by greed , voilence etc. At that time, the Vedic religion will be wiped off (in principle) ,several acts of terrorism will emerge. There shall be lack of compassion, affection ,virtue and shame.

The size of women will become smaller. People will start dying even at the age of 20-25 .

Public will renounce their homes and settle on the banks of the river or sea

When such a condition arises, Lord Vishnu will incarnate as Lord Kalki in the house of Shri VishnuYash in Shambhal village. An analysis of the predictions made by Shri Maharishi Vedavyas Ji ,confirms that the Lord Vishnu is all powerful,although he is beyond gender and form ( formless ,effulgent light),he shall be the noble teacher of the cosmos( Sadhguru).

Lord Kalki shall take a human form and incarnate to protect the righteous, pure, virtuous devotees and shall cut off the bondage of their karma and grant final liberation. In the Shambhal village, an elite virtous Brahmin named Vishnu Yash, will be full of divine qualities and conduct suitable to highest level brahmin(generous,compassionate,truthfull ,engaged in Gods devotion),in his house shall the Lord Kalki Bhagwan incarnate.
As per the analysis of Kalki Purana Lord’s mother shall be named Sudmi, father’s name shall be Vishnu Yash and grandfather’s name will be Brahma Yoga.
Predictions of Maha Puranas :

  • In Kaliyug, no one will have the faintest understanding of the Vedas. The Vedic dharma will be destroyed. Brahmin will reach to a point, where they will start selling knowledge. The hypocrites will propound new theories and hallucinatory interpretations in the name of vedas.
  • Mind shall wander and people will renounce true dharma and harbour ill feelings for others.
  • People in Kaliyug will not worship Lord Narayana (formless light),but will worship idols of devi-devtas and think that they are worshipping Supreme God,but will only be worshipping deities,who are mere servants of God.Hence one should renounce all kinds of IDOL WORSHIP and polytheism and worship the Formless light (Creator,Lord Narayan )alone,who is the source of all devi-devtas and the universe.
  • Public in general will be full of material desires, without any desire to work hard or engaging in Karma Yoga.
  • Instead of seeking advice from wise ones and there well wishers (parents etc) they will seek advice from so called well-wishers who may not be qualified to give them the correct guidance.
  • People will suffer from ill –health &diseases.
  • Public will engage in misdeeds and will use uncivilized language. Even the wife will behave in a rude manner with her husband and would to control him.
  • The size of plants and animals will greatly reduce.
  • People will even start dying at the age of 20 to 30 .
  • Public will consume religion only for the sake of glory and will be engaged in negative thinking.
  • Bribery and injustice will prevail in administration.
  • Fake Gurus will emerge and will, have great list of followers.
  • Saints shall fall down and seek wealth & worldy desires.
  • Head of states shall be rogues and robbers.
  • Kings will grab public money and suck the blood of honest people in the name of taxes.
  • Without the presence of the new moon, there shall occur solar eclipse. The brightness of the moon and the stars will diminish.
  • Rainfall shall change its course and become erratic.
  • Earth’s temperature will increase significantly.
  • Anarchy will spread among the people.
  • Guests will no longer be respected and honored in the house and the sound of Vedas will longer be heard in houses.


Meaning of Shambhal Gram:

Shambhhu- (those who knows Brahm / Brahm knowing people) is called Brahman + AL- take + gram Grama (Community / Village) = Shambhal Village /Shambhal Grama (Village / Place / City of Brahman )i.e-  Where a large group of Brahmins resides, is called Shambhal village.

According to the scriptures, Lord Kalki will incarnate in the  Shambhal village of North India. There are two Shambhal villages in North India – one in Moradabad and the other on the border of Mathura and Vrindavan (near Gaudia Math). Moradabad has 98% Muslims population. Therefore, a group of Brahman cannot be imagined in this Shambhal.

On the border of Mathura and Vrindavan, the density of Brahmins is very high, and most of the people are devotees of Lord Krishna. Hence, this is the birth place as described in the scriptures for the incarnation of Lord Kalki.

According to the Prophecy 4; 5: 27-28, Parivar Parva, Chaturth section, page 331, Lord Vishnu says, I will incarnate in the Kaliyug for the interests of the holy beings and to wipe off demonic forces ,in the subtle delightful Vrindavan .I shall play in mysterious solitude and all the Shrutis will come in the form of Gopi.

By accepting the prayer of Radha at the end of Kali Yuga, I will end my mysterious play and incarnate as Kalki.