The Art Of Meditation – Ishwar Putra Arun

Whether you call it contemplation or prayer with attention, every spiritual recommends some form of meditation to help achieve a peaceful, fulfilling life. Through meditation, we experience a profound peace, bliss and happiness unlike any we can find in this world.

The most typical image of meditation has a person sitting cross legged on the ground. Their hands may be in a prayer position, or in resting on their knees and their eyes are usually closed. That is an accurate image of how many people choose to sit in meditation, but it is not the only way to do it. Some people prefer to lie down and others will prefer to sit up in a more comfortable position on a chair. Some people prefer to go in certain place for doing meditation and Some people prefer to go in a certain room for doing meditation.

Having a straight body posture (sitting or laying down straight) and comfort are the only important points to consider when you are trying out different stillness meditation positions. These practices are also some of the more challenging types of meditation for many of us due to their very nature. We as humans are simply out of practice of being still. They are also some of the best meditation practices to use to dissolve inner blocks and transform the false understanding you may have of yourself.

But according to Ishwar Putra Arun – people can do meditation at any place either on chair or on the ground. It is not essential to sit in a certain place or in a certain room. In true sense, Head is the room where people have to sit for doing meditation.

Ishwar Putra Arun teaches two form of meditation – Jyoti and Shabd meditation. Jyoti meditation is a technique that focuses on the Inner Light. The second practice, shabd meditation, is a higher-level taught at the time of initiation, which focuses on the Inner Light and Sound.

Focusing our Attention

People have made a union with the world through nine (9) doors. All day long their attention, the outer expression of their soul, is going out into the world through their five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Dasam door is closed, but the path of Lord’s house starts from here. Through Shabd Surat Yog, we can collect our attention at the third eye and come in contact with the Light and Sound of God which is within each and every one of us. Through this divine connection, we can embark on the inner spiritual Journey. The beauty of meditation is that the joy found when we focus within remains with us even after we resume our daily activities.