The Highest Region Anami



The final stage of Shabd-Surat Yoga is reaching the level of Anami. After crossing the two higher regions, that is Alakh and Agam, the soul reaches the last stage, called Anami. This is a stage where the Aatma reaches the paratma. This is the area of pure spirit which glitters with soft white light and sparkles like diamonds. This is the area of total freedom and serenity. This place is beyond the realm of space and time. Here we are drenched in God and live in his total awareness. This place cannot be compared with the light of a billion of suns and billion of moons. It is not possible to describe about the abode of the Supreme Creator God in the language of this world. In a few words I will give you information about the abode of the Supreme Creator God – “This place is full of ANANT SUKH” and it is indefinable.