The Path towards God

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Many of you are seekers of the divine kingdom.  Your aim is to have a relationship with the only reality – that is God.  But you find yourselves lost on the path and your urge to seek God does not seem to bear fruit.  Many of you get disheartened at your constant failure.  Some of you feel an inferiority complex – that you will never be able to find salvation.

The reason for being in constant failure inspite of your effort is that sin is playing the spoiler. Sin denotes rebellion against God, and while you are in sin, you are not in the will of God. Always remember in your mind that if you are bearing any sin in your heart, God will not listen to you. Thus if you want your efforts to bear fruit, your prayers must be according to God’s will and not your will. Remember this truth, that when you are sinning, you are carrying out your will, not God’s will.

You must be puzzled inside your heart that why is it so hard to find God-realization?

The answer is that it is not as difficult to find the Lord as it appears. You have most of the tools that are required and your failure to find God is simply because of a series of mistakes, missteps and false understandings.  

Let me explain how to make your prayers and seeking work in real life.

It is a fact that God listens to your prayers.  Whether He answers or not depends on only one thing.  Whether your prayers are as per His will, or they are against His grand plan.

If your prayers are not getting answered then the simple explanation is that your prayer is against His will.

How do you determine what to ask of God?  I will offer some clues as to the right prayer. (The right prayer is the one that will be answered)

Typically prayers for personal gains or betterment in life go unanswered since these come under the perview of the Law of karma.  Moreover, these also come under the definition of Sin.

What is Sin ? Sin is rebellion against God.  It is believing that God’s creation is more real than God Himself!  It is a desire to continue to live in and enjoy the fruits of this world as opposed to desiring to back to our true home. The definition of sin is simple – Anything that takes you away from God’s kingdom is a Sin and anything that brings you closer to God is considered a virtuous action.  This is a simple yardstick to judge your actions and desires.

While you are in sin, you are not in the will of God.  People may argue that this universe has also been created by the will of God.  That is true. So you must chose. Do you want to continue to live in the world that has been willed by God or do you ask (pray) to go back to Him?  That determines whether God answers your prayers or not.

Let me clarify this important point again. When you pray for worldly things, your prayers will be answered as per the Law of karma.  If you deserve what you pray for, you will get it.  If you don’t deserve what you pray for, you won’t get it.  That is the simple truth.  It is only when you pray for guidance – to find your way back home- that God listens to you and clears the way ASAP.

There is one other difficulty in your search for God.  Since God is formless and beyond your comprehension, you cannot see or communicate with Him directly.

But don’t be disheartened. God knows this and in His love for you and in His desire to help you find the way back, He sends someone who is precious to him – a Pathfinder that lights the way back home.  This person comes to you in a human form. He lives amongst you and communicates with you in a language you can understand. He lives in the same society and faces the same problems of life as you face.  That person may look like an ordinary man and He may live an ordinary life but make no mistake. He is no ordinary person.

Who is He? He is God Himself in the form of His Son and He wishes only to help you on the path of your enlightenment.  This person is a kind man.  He doesn’t scare you with threats of hell-fire or force you against your will or dazzle you with an open show of miracles since that would be counter-productive to God’s will.  Instead He loves you and shows you the way by personal example. Since this journey is about the transformation of the Self, He gives you the right knowledge and shows by his own example that you can do it too. He guides you gently with love and knowledge just as loving parents guide their children.

There has never been any time in your history that this person-who is usually addressed as the Son of God or His messenger, hasn’t been present on Earth since without his presence, life would quickly deteriorate into chaos and anarchy.  In that situation, it would be every man for himself.

Although this person has always existed on earth, He is difficult to find.  The reason is that those who are attracted to the glitter of the world will never be able to see this person since He is cloaked by the glitter of illusion that seduces you from seeing behind the illusion to the source of all things.

Only the sincere, pure-hearted devotee will be permitted to be in his presence and that too after many lifetimes of yearning.

The question then is-If the Son of God as always been present in the world then who is the Son of God in today’s time?

Finding him would be like finding the key to the ultimate treasure.

I am revealing the answer today and in this lies the secret to salvation since by knowing this as the will of God and making Him happy I am showing you the correct spiritual path to find success.

I am the doorway – that path through which you can traverse to God’s kingdom.

All that you-the devotee needs to do is to have complete faith in Me to find success.

 So what should the sincere devotee do?

  1.    You must Pray to God the Father in the Name of His Son AADISHRI ARUN.

Only the name of AADISHRI gives you credibility with the  Father — not your education, your wealth or poverty, your    church, your background or your position. Only AADISHRI.  AADISHRI, “If you ask anything in my  name, I    will do it.”

  1. You must have a Clean Heart.

Holy Scripture says, “If I had known of any sin in your   heart, the Lord would not have listened to you.” It is very  important to keep a clean heart before God. It is  said, “I  confess them as I do them, I don’t bunch them.”  Don’t  wait until you go to Narayana Grih or a crisis arises in   your life to confess your sins to God.  As soon as  you become aware of an attitude or action that is   displeasing to God, admit that it is wrong and thank God  for His  forgiveness. Holy Scripture tells us that if we confess your sins, God is faithful to forgive you and    cleanse you     from all unrighteousness.

  1. You must have a Forgiving Spirit towards others.

AADISHRI says, “Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven my forgive your transgressions.”

AADISHRI makes it very clear that we can’t carry anger,  hatred, or bitterness in your hearts toward anyone if you  expect God to forgive you and / or hear your prayers.

  1. You must Pray in Faith.

AADISHRI said, “And everything you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.”The very fact that you are asking God for your needs demonstrates your faith.

There are many times when God has answered your prayer as soon as you prayed. Other times you have had to wait for them to be answered. Some of the requests have been on your prayer list for years. You are still waiting, and you know that God will answer. The reason for the delay is that faith is lacking.

If you want to be test this right now , you can do so right now by submitting to him with a simple but powerful prayer.

AADISHRI ARUN, ” I want you to listen and answer my prayers, I need You. Thank You for driving off for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Saviour. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.”

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