The Role of Geeta in Life & Liberation


AADISHRI ARUN: The Bhagwat Geeta is a direct conversation between God and man.  This is why we can trust what the Geeta says as the word of God.  This book shows us not only to live an ideal life but it also acquaints us with the form and nature of God and how to reach the Godhead.  The people of the world who are trapped in cycles of lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego, need true guidance to escape from these cycles that only ultimately give sorrow.

In this world, whatever can be seen through the sense organs, or imagined in the brain is fated to perish.  Their reality is no more real than a dream that mind sees when asleep.

This realization is key for a soul to move onto the path of liberation.

The Geeta hides within, the secret to life, death and liberation.  Lord Krishna explains to Arjun that every man who is born, is born for a purpose and once that purpose is achieved the soul of that man leaves the body and it is no use to grieve over the passing away of that body.  The one who is born is sure to die.  All that happens is that the eternal imperishable soul leaves a body and takes another just as a man discards old clothes to wear new ones.  The person who adopts the Geeta as his guide, does not have to struggle to find the answers to his life’s eternal questions.  Geeta teaches us many things.  It teaches us how to battle the difficulties and obstacles of life. It teaches us how to connect to God. It gives us the message of sacrifice, love and duty.  The Geeta lays special emphasis on Action.  Liberation is possible only for that person, who while doing his duties in the world, worships the Lord.  To follow the Geeta is to abandon Ego, Jealousy, Greed etc and to follow the path of humanity.