The truth about fear

The truth about fear

truth about fear

 Aadishri Arun:

I ask you this question.  Don’t all routes change with time? Doesn’t every new day brings with it new challenges? If that is true then how can the experience of the past help with future situations?  The fact is that struggle is the genesis of strength and energy. If you look at the past you will observe in numerous situations that whenever there is conflict and strife, there is a birth of strength and energy and that energy rids the world of that conflict.

The driver of man is ‘Fear’.  Man is always looking at life through the prism of fear. His choices are based on fear and he is always looking for safety. Even when he is safe he still looks for safety! But what is fear? It is only the imagination of the mind about the future based on its past experience and it is always negative. But do you know that no-one knows the future and no-one knows what Time will bring.  Neither you know what time will bring, nor does your enemy. Time runs only on the pleasure of the Lord.  The one who plots to harm you, can he harm you? No! It can only happen if God allows it and that is only when you deserve it!  But the fact is that your fearful mind causes you far more harm than your circumstances ever can. It is said that “The fearless man dies once but the fearful man dies every day.”

The fearful heart always takes wrong decisions and it makes the situation worse.  On the other hand the peaceful, fearless and happy mind always takes the right decisions and crosses the difficult situation with ease. When a man does not trust his own strength and competence then he feels no confidence in facing his life’s situations. This results in him abandoning his virtues and adapting wrong things in life.  An example of this is corruption.  When we feel that we will not be able to get the work done, we are ready to pay a bribe. Lack of confidence is the mother of all wrong practices in life. What is self confidence?  It is the belief that you are the master of your fate and you are the captain of your soul.  You are in charge of your destiny.