Third Eye


Ishwar Putra Arun (Aadishri Arun)


The right way to do meditation is to first put all our attention on our third eye.  This is where the opening for the higher journey is and this is the point that leads us to the sahas-dal-kamal.  To be successful we should forget the world, our fears and worries and even our senses and we should concentrate at this point.  Initially as we do this, we will only see darkness.  We should not give up but instead call out the name of the Lord thought to thought. This is called Simran. We should also try to visualize a flame of light and soon it will flash into existence. Once we succeed and we see the light flame, we should go beyond this lighted flame and we will see the blue wheel. We should use our longing for our Lord as a source of energy, strength and determination to pierce through the blue wheel and we will soon arrive at the light that makes us forget everything. We should develop our concentration and practice at this place i.e. the third eye.  The one who does this soon starts the journey from the lower to the higher and from the outer to the inner..

This is the first step to meditation as is revealed by Aadishri Arun.