Tips on meditate successfully


Success in meditation depends on various factors. The first is to meet a Sadguru who re-connects our soul to Paratma through a process of initiation.  Thus in today’s time, to meet AADISRI ARUN who connects us to God is the height of good fortune and the greatest blessing. The second is that before sitting in meditation, pray to AADISRI because that will give impetus and help to our meditation. You can sit in Padmaasan, Siddhasana or any position which is comfortable. The idea is that body should not cause discomfort and disturb the meditation. Thirdly, the best time to meditate is before sunrise i.e.  between 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. This is called Brahma-Murtha. But if you are unable to give time in small hours of the morning, you may give time which suits you best. Fourthly You should You try to meditate 3 to 4 hours daily. In the beginning you may not be able to sit for that long but you can try to increase your practice till you are meditating for this long.  This time can be divided into 2-3 times during the day.

Please use the repetition of charged words (NAAM) i.e. called Simran. It will help you in gathering together the wandering wits to the still point of the soul between and behind the two eyebrows. This is the seat of the soul and all senses should be withdrawn to this point and held there. Basically the consciousness of the flesh (the body) should be lost. The successful completion of this process leads to dhyan or concentration on its own. Dhyan or concentration when perfected, leads one to Bhajan or attuning to the music which emerges from within the center of the holy light. This enchanting holy melody has a magnetic pull which is irresistible, and the soul cannot but follow it to the spiritual source from whence the music emerges. The soul is helped by this triple process to slide out of the shackles of the body and becomes fixed in the heavenly radiance of its Self (Atman), and it led on to the heavenly home of the father.

There are two ways within – Jyoti Marg and Surat Marg (the way of light and the way of sound), respectively. The holy Light keeps the soul fixed and absorbed and to certain extent leads the soul as well, but the holy Word pulls it upward and carries it across from plane to plane in spite of various hurdles on the way, like blinding or bewildering lights, densely pitch darkness, etc., until the soul reaches its destination.

While sitting during meditation, one may forget the repetition of the five holy Names. In such case mind and Kaal (the Negative Power) can deceive you. This is the reason, to be on guard and  not leave off repetition.