Way of Libration or Salvation – Ishwar Putra Arun

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Firstly, go to the perfect Teacher,
And learn from him the inner teaching.
Secondly, cast all your doubts away,
And shun the perception of duality.
Thirdly, rise above outer attributes,
And take a seat at the “third eye”,
This is verily the palatial throne
Where you hear the Divine Melody.
Fourthly, reign in the restless mind,
And abandon all your cleverness.
Swing on the swing of divine love,
And entreat the Teacher for the gift of devotion.
Fifthly, acquaint yourself with the eternal elements.
And exert mastery over the senses.
Sixthly, let consciousness pierce the six chakras,
And reaching above them, see the Light.
Seventhly, let truth enlighten your life,
And behold the Supreme Spirit in you.
Grab hold of the silken thread of realization,
And climb to the Eternal Abode.
Eighthly, let the lotus of consciousness bloom,
And render your heart resplendent.
Ninthly, your portals of perception will open,
When you make an ally of the Perfect Master.
You will see that the soul is not the body but
 the soul is unity with God.
Tenthly, you’ll reach the door of liberation,
Where the Divine Melody resounds.