What does God want to give you today


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The Lord saw that the heart of man was very weak and always full of worry, sorrow and tension.  Therefore the Lord decided that He would assuage man’s heart by giving him twice of what he had lost.  To fulfill this objective the Lord used Maya-who he controls-to create a human form for Himself and came to the earth in the form of Lord Kalki.  On hearing the prayers of Radha, He took birth in the village of Sambhala that is on the border of Mathura-Vrindavan in the state of Uttarpradesh in India.  Another purpose of His incarnation was to give protection to the pious people of the world and destroy the evil-seekers and evil-doers. On the 2nd day of  Baisakh month, rising moon cycle, He took birth on the earth.

The Lord wants to give you those things that have everlasting value and He also wants to remove the burden of sin that lies heavy on your soul.  He wants to provide you security as well and he wants to bless you with abundance of all material objects but for this to happen, we have to have faith in the Lord and we must be worthy of the blessings that the Lord wants to bestow on us. The reason is that the person who is true and sincere is always blessed but the one who seeks wealth in a hurry always takes shortcuts that lead to sin. The one who bases his beliefs and actions on his unshakeable faith for the Lord, to such a person, the Lord offers peaceful protection therefore always have faith on the lord since the lord is an unshakeable rock.

The Lord bends to their knees those who hold high office and those cities that stand on high ground are brought low.  To such a Lord have unshakeable faith and you will receive strength and peace.  The Lord only wants that we-His children give their minds and hearts to Him, that they give their wisdom to Him and single focused remember and worship only Him.  When a man does that then God’s promise that He will give double of what is lost is fulfilled.