What is Kalki Mahaavatar Dhyan Yog and Manav Utthan Samiti ?

IMG_0696IMG_0696ggfgfKalki Mahaavatar Dhyan Yog and Manav Utthan Samiti was founded by AADISHRI ARUN. It is a philosophical organization based on the spiritual teachings of all religions and dedicated to a process of inner development under the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

In 20th century, place Pooth Khurd, Delhi – 110039, India, AADISHRI ARUN appeared in the form of spiritual movement. His teaching brought a revolution in the field of God realization and is considered by adherents as a true way for attaining the God. The word “AADISHRI ARUN” itself is actually a combination of two words: “AADISHRI” and “ARUN”. The term Aadishri means the following-‘An exalted dignitary  or someone who is famous and distinguished.  Aadishri also means the first born and that indicates the ‘Son of God’ or God.

Arun on the other hand means ‘Light’ or the ‘Sun’

Thus the combination means that an exalted dignitary full of light and the Son of God or God. AADISHRI -the first born-took the shape and  form of Light in Arun. The Philosophy and teachings of Aadishri Arun are based on the Anaami-the formless nature of God who creates the universe through his first born – Aadishri. It also can be interpreted to mean the Master Soul who guides the disciple to higher states of consciousness. AADISHRI ARUN emphasizes the use of listening to inner sound accessed by simran for devotees to attain the desired states of spiritual advancement.

Kalki Mahaavatar Dhyan Yog and Manav Utthan Samiti is a ministry of Lord Kalki, dedicated to pray for the broken hearted people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It was started in obedience to God’s vision and mandate given to AADISHRI ARUN to serve the people through the love and compassion of LORD.

AADISHRI ARUN (Founder) has sacrificed and gone through a great ordeal in building the Kingdom of God and establishing Lord’s ministry according to the plan and direction given by God.

Everyday thousands of people long for a blessing, a miracle in their lives and it is for them that the Kalki Mahaavatar Dhyan Yog and Manav Utthan Samiti opens to pour their needs to God and receive a miracle. It is Lord Kalki who performs miracles for them. It is the Lord’s Place to pray for the people who are in distress, agony and pain. Today thousands are blessed through the prayers and comforting messages of the AADISHRI ARUN through the Prayer Festival Public Meetings.


AADISHRI ARUN’S philosophy is a belief that there is a spiritual purpose to human life – to experience the divinity of God who resides in all of us. It is through this experience that we will realize the truth of the concept that there is only one God and we are all expressions of His love. And only after that can one live a full life.
This is an eternal philosophy that has existed since the beginning of creation and this philosophy is expressed to all men through a divinely sent teacher or Guru.  He explains the purpose of life and guides and instructs members in a method of spirituality based on a daily meditation practice. The present teacher is AADISHRI ARUN, who lives with his family at the main centre in northern India, Pooth Khurd, Delhi – 110039.
By performing the meditation practice according to the teacher’s instructions, individuals can realize the presence of God within themselves. It is a solitary practice that is done in the quiet of one’s own home. Members commit themselves to a way of life that supports spiritual growth while carrying out their responsibilities to family, friends and society.