What is the way to make God listen to you prayers?

images (28)The Lord has 1000’s of eyes.  He has 1000’s of ears and the entirety of creation resides within a fraction of the being of the Lord and the souls that reside within all people are part of the soul of the Lord.  Therefore all the troubles, tribulations and problems that we face in our lives are known to the Lord.  Nothing is hidden from the Lord.  Not only that, the Lord is omnipotent and all powerful and He can easily change our sorrows into joy. He can turn our difficulties and failures into successes. He can turn our tears into joy through showering us with His blessings.  The Lord does not look down on a man who is in trouble or who is in difficulties as other humans tend to do.  The Lord listens to the prayers of every soul whether rich or poor. (Bible, Psalms 22:24)   Therefore the question arises that if the Lord is so compassionate towards all of us then why are our prayers not answered?  The reason is that the way we pray is not the right way to pray to the Lord.  The first mistake we make is that we leave the worship of the Lord-our father- and start to worship the demi-gods.  The direct result is that when we do that we create a layer of separation from our real father and instead depend on someone who himself is powerless and derives his real power from the same god that we have stopped praying too.  This results in a situation that our prayers to the demi-gods are answered on the basis of what we deserve from our good and bad actions of our earlier lives rather than on the love and compassion that the Lord has for us since we are His children.  And because we ask for temporary relief, we get precisely that-those things that last for a limited period of time.  And soon we are back to our difficult sorrow filled lives. 

The Lord clarifies that this way of prayer is itself wrong and cannot lead to success of the prayer (Geeta 7:21-23) how can we escape sorrow and difficulties by following the wrong methodology of praying?  The Lord in the holy bible says in Jeremiah 2:13 that His devotees made two mistakes. One-that the devotee left the worship of the Lord who is like the source of eternally fresh spring of water and second that the devotee after leaving the eternal source depends on a pond of still water with the added problem that the pond also leaks so the water can never be collected.

The Lord asks man that why is he so reluctant to take the way that the Lord is offering. (Bible, Jeremiah 2:36)  The Lord further says that only He knows and imagines what He desires for His devotees. And what He desires is better than what the devotee can imagine for himself.  Those things that the Lord wants for us will never harm us, instead they will only offer hope and joy (Bible, Jeremiah 29:11)) but man has always doubted the words of the Lord and does not follow the   advice of the Lord.  Seeing these tendencies in man the Lord warns man that man should be strong and brave; have forbearance; not doubt the words of the Lord and not give up so easily.  The Lord said-Tighten your weak grip and control the shaking of your knees.  Reassure those who doubt and fear. Tell them that the Lord comes Himself to give support and relief to His devotees. (Holy Bible, Isaiah 35:3-4) He asks us to say onto the people-look, the Lord has come Himself along with the purest of His devotees so that He make judgment onto the people.  That he may pronounce judgment on all the evil acts of those people who are without devotion for the Lord (Bible, Jude 1:14-15)

Today that same Lord has come onto the earth in His own physical form by the name of Kalki.  He is born of Vishnuyash and Sumati in the village Sambhala near Mathura and anyone who comes into his protection and takes His name with love and devotion, that person will cross the sea of despair and be one with Him.  The name of the Lord is the only thing that can provide relief and joy to the seeking soul.