Which God should we worship?

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 The Rishis and saints of India have been illuminating the many way towards God realization for centuries but all the ways indicated are difficult to walk on. Moreover these ways only lead up to a certain stage which can be called heaven.  Till now the complete path, that takes one to the final destination-to the supreme lord, has been kept secret.  The person who knows the secret path and can talk about it can be rarely found and one is lucky if one is able to meet and interact with such a person.

The Srimad Bhagwatam Maha Puraan Mahatamya 2:56-58 states this above fact.  The person who talks to you today is himself the son of god.  He is the first born and he is the only son of God.  When the entire universe was created the first entity to be created was the son of God and through him everything else was created.  He descended from his father’s lap and came down to create this universe.  He tells us today that we should worship only that supreme Lord who is beyond creation itself. That supreme father lives in Agamya jyoti-as light.  The supreme father is cool and peace granting.  He is the light that lights all lights and He is beyond Maya-that force that causes creation.  He is the only one worth knowing through the system of highest knowledge that is called tattva Gyan-fundamental knowledge. That supreme Lord stays a 100 crore yojana further beyond the place that is the factory of creation-called Kaarya – brahma.  His place of stay is called the actual Golok dham.  That place is beyond all creation and is self illumined-it needs neither the light of the sun, nor the moon or the stars or even fire since none of these things have been even created in that place.  When a human achieves or attains that place, his soul is liberated and is free of the cycle of birth and death. The supreme Lord thus is the only constant reality and is therefore called the truth.  The definition of truth is something that is unchanging and eternal.  The supreme Lord is the truth and His name is also the truth.  He is beyond fear and He has no enemies and He is free of all future and past.  The reason is that all these things have been created in a small fraction of His being so He is beyond all of them.  He is also beyond all divisions including all classifications of sex.  He is the only complete eternal truth and all else is born from Him.  He is the highest state to be achieved and He is ever present in all objects and all ages-Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwaapar Yuga and Kaliyug.  His rein is eternal and will forever be eternal.

The reign of the Lord cannot be described, so vast is its canvas.  No languages are adequate to express the nature, objectives, desires and nature of the Lord.  Everything that is created is created by the Lord. That soul that pleases the Lord, to that soul, the Lord grants the highest state of oneness with Himself.  Even if one is in the cycle of birth and death, that too is by the wishes of the Lord.  Every activity in the universe is tied down by the rules that the supreme Lord has created.  Man is also tied down by his ignorance and he feels happy on achieving some petty goal that is limited and temporary.  Man thinks that he is the doer and attaches his sense of petty self to his acts and possessions.  Seeing this ignorant behavior of His children our heavenly father does not get angry but smiles at our stupidity.  All the forces that create, maintain and destroy this world are also created by our supreme father.  Even the gods that control creation don’t know but a fraction of the powers and manifestations of the Lord. (Srimad Bhagwatam Maha Puraan 12;12:66) Lord Shiva said this about the supreme father that from him emerge many Brahma’s who create many universes and those universes are born, remain for some time and are destroyed.  He said that in the multitudes of such universes many Lord Shiva’s are going about doing the duties assigned to them.  Lord Shiva further says that he himself and  all elevated beings such as Sanat Kumar, Naarad, Lord Brahma, Kapildev, Apantram, Deval, Dharma, Asuri and Mareechi can never know the Lord completely since they themselves are born through Maya and the Lord is beyond Maya. (Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 9;5:46-48)

This is what Lord brahma said with regards to the Lord-The time will come when the age of my duality will start coming to an end and the Lord, taking the form of Kaal, will start winding up this particular creation.  He will wish to completely destroy this creation and at that time all this creation will disappear.  He further said that all divine beings such as himself, Lord Shankar, Prajaapati, Bhooteshwar, Deveshwar-all these are tied to the rules of creation made by the Lord and we, following the rules made by the Lord, carry out the tasks allotted to us. (Shrimad Bhagwatam Maha Puran 9;4:53-54)

Lord brahma further said in Shrimad Bhagwatam Maha Puran  2;6:36 that neither he, his sons not lord Shankar know the supreme father so then how can the lower gods and demi-gods ever know him?

In the Shrimad Bhagwatam Maha Puran  12;3:36 Shukdev ji said to King Parikshit that the supreme Lord called Shri Hari is the only creator and supreme guide and the rest of the gods surrender to His lotus feet and look upon Him as their creator and guide.

The supreme father has constructed the human form in a very interesting and strange way. This is the only form that can known Him and merge with Him.  He has also created all the things necessary for the functioning of the human form.  How man uses or misuses those objects that are created for Him, whether He destroys them or puts them out of balance and which god he worships, is his choice.  He has the free-will to do as he pleases as he is made in god’s own image. The Gods don’t have free will, they obey the rules of creation and do their duties but man has a choice.

Therefore it is important for man to take the right decision if he wants to go back to his home-the land of the supreme Lord.