Why does the Lord take Avatar ?

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The Lord  said in Geeta 4:6 that inspite of being unborn, ever-present and never ending and in spite of being the Lord of all creatures, He comes in the physical form by controlling and using the capabilities of Maya.

The question is-Why does the Lord take avatar?  There are many reasons for doing so.

  1. Whenever Dharma-righteousness-is in danger of being overturned by unrighteousness, then the Lord takes birth in physical form and comes in front of the people.(Geeta 4:7)
  2. To liberate the sages and saints and to destroy the evil-doers and to re-establish righteousness (dharma) in society. (Geeta 4:7)
  3. When the ethical and spiritual level of the people have fallen so low that there is no hope for them to reach the elevated level of the Lord, then the Lord comes down to the earth in the physical form so that the people may be helped.
  4. To help the people towards realization is the basic reason why the Lord does this and this help is so great that it cannot be ever accounted for or paid back. When a person comes to know and believe that the Lord has taken avatar his faith increases by leaps and bounds and he starts progressing towards God realization.
  5. By knowing the divinity of the actions of the Lord and by seeing the example in front of his eyes, the devotee also starts acting like his Lord and divinity starts creeping into his actions as well. That means that the devotee instead of indulging in self focused, selfish acts that bind him to the cycle of rebirth, he starts taking those actions that help others and free his soul from the cycles of rebirth.
  6. In Srimadbhagwatam Maha Puraan section 10 subsection 33 verse 39 Ved Vyas says that the Lord does an immense favor to all souls by taking birth in the physical form and performing actions upon viewing or hearing of which the individual soul turns his attention towards the Lord. The Lord does this not for Himself but for us since there is nothing that He needs to do or that He desires to achieve (Geeta 3:22)  Depending on what is required in a particular age, the Lord takes periodic avatar.  The attributes and capabilities of the different avatars varies depending on the requirements of the people of that age but the Lord Himself never varies and nor does His essential message change.  There are millions of people who sing praises of the Lord but there is no end to His glory and the songs of the Lord can never be completed, so vast is His nature.  The Lord constantly gives to His children. The receiver may tire ofreceiving but the Lord is never tired of giving.  The Lord gives boons that last for ages upon ages.  The best thing we can do with our limited life is to stay in constant remembrance of the Lord.  That is better than any action that we can take.
  7. Presently Lord has taken avatar with His new name “Lord Kalki.” He came down on Indian soil, village Shambhal Gram on baisakh month shukla paksh dwadashi tithi. Thus the best thing we can do with our limited life is to stay in constant remembrance of the Lord Kalki.