Why happiness is so important?

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What is Happiness?  It is a commodity that is being chased by every being in the world.  We all want it but very few have it and even those who have it, they find it difficult to constantly remain in that state.

Let us look at the question of Happiness closely.

There are two kinds of happiness.  One is what most of us chase.  This is an inner state of the mind that is induced by our circumstances.  When we get what we desire, we feel happy and when we don’t get what we expect, we feel unhappy, sad and anxious.

Thus this kind of happiness/ sadness is completely dependent on some external circumstance or object.  We all know the state of happiness when we get a new car, a new friend, go on a vacation or have a new addition to the family!  We may also feel happy when we get wealth, fame or acclaim.  This kind of reason for happiness is why women go shopping! Sadness is the opposite side of this coin.  We feel sad when we have a setback, when we may have lost a business or money or a friend or a loved one.

Thus this kind of Happiness and/ or sadness is two sides of a coin.

But as change is the law of nature, these states of happiness or sadness never remain the same.  They keep alternating with each other and we are not in control since our circumstances keep changing. Change is the order of the world just as night follows day. Another truth is that everyone has to face these changing circumstances. No one can escape from it.

When we realize this basic truth, we try to find that unchanging foundation on which we can rest our well-being.  That unchanging foundation is God Himself.  God is someone who doesn’t change and He is the only reality that can be depended upon.

Now we will ask the question.-Why is it necessary to be happy?

The question we must ask ourselves is – Why am I prisoner of my circumstances?  Why do circumstances have the power to make me happy or sad ? And isn’t my state of happiness or sadness simply a mental interpretation of my mental beliefs that may not be true?

We assume meanings and decide our happiness and sadness based on our limited understanding of life.

That leads to the second type of happiness.  That is the true state of happiness that depends on no external circumstances.  It can be called Non-Specific joy and it comes about because of the sheer gratitude and joy of being alive.  In India it is called Sat-Chit-Ananda. Or truth – consciousness – bliss.

The true seeker must try to be in this state of happiness rather than be in the duality of happiness/ sadness.

. Now question is why happiness is so important?
Although we may sometimes neglect to cultivate our own happiness, feeling happy is intrinsically important. If we are happy it has added benefits. These include us becoming more compassionate and feeling healthier both physically and emotionally. We become more creative, witty, energetic and fun to be around and it can also lead us to become more financially successful.

The fundamental reason why happiness is so important is that it’s extremely vital to our own goals in life and can help us achieve many other cherished personal ambitions and goals. Also, by being happy, we have the potential to change many other lives just by being ourselves.

How often have you been in a place and there’s been something about the mood or atmosphere that doesn’t quite seem right? When happiness is on board, this not only affects you but it has positive effects on all those with whom you come into contact.

So, it’s the ‘domino’ effect and it all begins with you as an individual. As you spread those feelings they are taken on board by those around you who also spread them in turn. If you can imagine the impact this would create if the feeling was then perpetuated and multiplied by hundreds, then thousands and then millions of people? There would be no use for wars or terrorism in the world which is another example of why happiness is so important.

These are the effects of being happy:

(1)Feel Good

(2)Live Longer

(3)Have Better Health

(4)Bounce Back Faster

(5)Are More Likely to Be Romantically Involved

(6) Solve Problems Better and Faster

(7) Look for the Win-Win

(8) Are Not Violent

(9) Are More Likely to Help Others 

(10) Feel blessed and Lucky in life.