Why live as per the wishes of the Lord?

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The person who always lives as per the wish of the Lord finds eternal life.  This is the lost truth that I have come to remind you off.  The happiness you obtain from this world is a temporary phenomenon.  This must always be remembered and must be imbibed in one’s life. The ones who listens to this truth and knows of it but who does not incorporate it in one’s life, gains nothing from it.  And if the person sacrifices worldly happiness and works to fulfill the wishes of the Lord, such a person finds eternal happiness.  You may find in your experience that a lot of families got devastated as they did not follow the path of the Lord and kept their foundations on worldly foundations.  Even a little bit of tough times collapsed their carefully created worlds.  Those people who make their houses on the rock named God; they always find safety and security and find that their lives are stable.  The reason is that the Lord is the one who has created and who upholds the world-the earth and the sky and if one resides in the Lord then nothing can shake that person’s life.  The Lord helps every individual without any favor and asks man for nothing in return and His blessings are always pouring down on man. On the other hand, the help that a person gives to another is always tainted by some vested interest and usually no help is ever given to another without a selfish motive.  Once that motive is achieved then that person is usually forgotten.  That clearly means that the help one gets from the people of this world is temporary and for selfish reasons.

Just as the moonlight never harms the night sky, similarly the Lord’s help is not tainted and is only beneficial and it only protects from all difficulties without desiring any favour in return.  The Lord protects his devotees eternally from all kinds of difficulties and protects us even in the process of living, dying and being reborn.  If an individual leaves the protection of such a benevolent god and tries to find succor in an ever-changing world, then it is a tragedy and that person can only be called unfortunate.

We should always look for protection and help from the lord and always make efforts to maintain that grace.  That individual is the one who is sensible and who is able to clearly discern where from he will get real help and where from he will not. Such a person then focuses his attention to the real source.

When we get up late from sleep and eat food that is dipped in sorrow then all we are doing is wasting our sleep and our life.  We get nothing from it except a life that is filled with difficulties and sorrow.  But if we get up in the early hours of the morning and dedicate that time to the prayer and meditation of the lord then that sleep is not wasted.  God will turn our sorrows into joy.  He will always listen when we call out his name and he will always stay with us.  He will prevent difficulties from entering our life and increase our blessedness.

Today that supreme lord is here on earth in his physical form and with a new name.  He is searching for you and calling out to you.  Today he is known as Kalki. Today the time has come when you surrender to him in his name and save yourself from the troubles of your life.