Words from the Son of God


The person who lives his life as per the wishes of the Lord always survives and has eternal life. This is often heard by the devotees but is rarely believed or implemented in ones’ life.  This is why people do not benefit from this advice that is actually as good as nectar. You might have seen that a lot of families who did not follow the wishes of the Lord got destroyed.  The basic fault was not to keep the foundations of one’s life on God but on the world.  Even the slightest pressure is enough to destroy such an existence that rests on ever-shifting foundations but those who make their foundation on the rock called God, they always have stability in their lives since God himself comes to the defense of such people in times of trouble.  Let me tell you about a family that lives in America.  The family had a father who was a true believer in God.  He had two children, one son and one daughter.  He loved his children very much and brought them up with great attention and love and he taught them to always love the Lord and pray to him.  He told them things about the Lord that were inspiring and also told them about how capable was the Lord in whatever he did. But as the children grew up, they started getting distant from the Lord.  The son started speaking harsh words to his father and he stopped the worship of God.  The daughter also started following her brother’s footsteps. Both the children got good jobs but their lives became the antithesis of God.  The daughter specially had a very good job and her workplace was the World trade center in New York.  This building as we all know was the crowning glory of the United states of America.  The daughter forgot the Lord completely and did not listen to the reminders of her father in this regard.  She would argue back to her father that she had a good job and she had no need to pray to the Lord for anything. That she was fully capable of looking after all her needs. She had also recently got engaged.  As we all know On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the twin towers by flying aircraft into them and she was amongst the many that were trapped inside the building.  She hit a wall and fell down and got trapped in the debris.  She called for help; yelled; screamed and said,  “Can anyone hear me and Can anyone save me?” And other words to that effect. But no-one came to rescue her.  There was a hole in the wall and she was able to see outside through it and she could even see the rescuers going up and down but no-one came to help her.  They probably could not hear her cries.

That’s when she remembered the words of her father and how he had told her to call on the Lord for help.  She remembered her father saying that the Lord was every devotees refuge and strength and in times of danger, His help is easily available to the devotee.  Therefore the devotee need not have any fear.  Even if the ground overturned or the mountains shifted into the seas (The Holy Bible, Psalms 46:1-2) the devotee had no cause for fear.

The girl crying in pain addressed the Lord and said, that she had often heard her father saying that the Lord will save the devotees in times of trouble (The Holy Bible, Psalms 41:1-2) She prayed that she did not want to die and that she was in great pain because of her injuries and that she needed the Lord’s help and she needed it fast as she was about to die.  Just as she finished praying, a man came to her and he touched her foot and her pain lessened greatly.  She asked him who are you? The man replied that his name was Arun and that he was a member of the Divine service society.  Almost immediately afterwards another rescuer reached her and who freed her from the debris and took her on a stretcher to the hospital where she soon recovered. When she was being discharged, she asked the volunteers around about the  whereabouts of ARUN, who had been the one to save her.  She asked for him so that she could thank that person.  They replied that there was no-one by the name of Arun. That was a moment of realization for the girl.  She clearly understood that  the Lord had Himself come to save her by the name of ARUN and had healed her by a touch and made sure that she was rescued. That he was from the divine rescue mission and not from a Human rescue organization. The girl’s name is Lisa.

Therefore I say to you-People who are in ignorance and falsehoods. Every age has had the presence of God in the form of the NAME.  All of you  are increasingly troubled by Satan who whispers seductive things in your ears but actually misleads you and brings trouble, difficulties and sorrow into your lives and today I promise to remove your sorrows and give you double portion of what you have lost…