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Be pure because God is pure

God kalki
Be pure because God is pure

Be pure because God is pure

The Lord has taken avatar on the earth in the name of kalki.  He desires that His children-us-not live in sin since He Himself is sinless.  It is fairly clear that in today’s time, people’s behaviour and style of worship both have become careless and defective.  Both kings and their subjects are living lives that are against the teachings of God and are trying to deceive the Lord.  The covenant that was agreed upon between man and God has been wilfully broken by man.  Therefore God says very clearly to man that man must obey the wishes of God and implement them in his daily life.  He also clearly says that man should not be corrupt and nor try to make the image of God corrupt since God can never be corrupt.

God further says that He can never allow the corrupt and the sinful to be in His presence.  The acts of God can never be in sin especially because God never acts for His own interests.  There is nothing in the universe that the Lord may want and that may be denied to Him, therefore God doesn’t need to act to get anything but the people are not like that.  They are full of sin since they desire objects and will adopt any means to get them.  This is the reason that man is never free of sin since he is ready to adapt any means to get what he desires.  There is sin even in his worship of God since even that is full of desire for worldly objects.

God says that He will purify this sinful nature of man.  When the Lord came to the earth as Kalki He knew that the correct way to worship Him was not well known.  When the Lord came and took form as kalki, He became visible to the angels and His name spread amongst the population and the world believed in Him.  The people who were walking in darkness saw the light and people in the land of death-the earth- also were blessed with this light.

The Lord asks-Don’t you say that your are sick of darkness? That you are sick of sin? And that you fear dying unrealized?  The answer is in front of you.  God said that, He is like light to our darkness.  That He would purify us and fill our life with light.  God says that He can grant abundance to our barren lives and remove the thorns and rocks from the path of our life and fill our lives with grace.  To get this benediction from the Lord we have to do the following five things.

Find out the name of the Lord in the present age of Kaliyug

  1. To worship in the name of the Lord with utmost love and devotion
  2. Follow the wishes and commandments of God
  3. Be worthy of God’s trust
  4. And get up in the morning between 4 AM to 6 AM and meditate on the Lord’s rupam and chant His name.

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