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Promise of God with a man

God has come down on this earth with the new name of Lord kalki and He has promised with a man to give him good things; these are as below:(1) Surely Lord will remove your sickness and sorrow (Bible, Isaiah 53:4).(2) Surely God will provide the way of salvation because of His deep love for each one […]

lords plan
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Lord’s plan for you God made a plan for your life and He came down on this earth with new name “Lord Kalki” and brought His one of the dearest son Arun on this earth to open the secret of the Lord’s plan. People knows only their past. They don’t know their present and future. […]

God's Desire
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God’s Desire God has created a beautiful earth to live the people with great comfort. He made a man according to His own image and His desire was to live with the people. God was not interested to see the people in trouble or in worries or in burden or in diseases. Being a disobedience […]