When to pray?

Time has  fixed to do every work ; for example time for weeping, time for laughing, time for sleeping, time for awakening, time for sowing the seed, time for harvesting etc exactly the time is fixed for doing prayer also in our daily life. Bible has also  prophesied very clearly concerning these above things  in Ecclesiastes and at […]

how to pray

How to pray?

People are crying enough but they do not get any thing from God. Why ? Because they do not know how to pray and how to make the God please?  In the Bible, you read about Elijah, a man who is well-known for prayer. He was a man of God, who moved the hand of the […]


What Will Happen After The Death

What Will Happen After The DeathDeath is indeed a very difficult thing.  Every one is afraid of death whether the person is rich or poor, strong or weak, a believer of God or disbeliever of God, whether he be a Hindu priest or a Muslim preacher.  Everyone is helpless in front of the inevitability of death.  No-one knows […]

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Why we do Meditation?

Why we do Meditation?Meditation is the demand of present time in whole world or the  demands of modern life, to get peace and to get rid of  stressful life. Many people feel stressed and over-worked. It often feels like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Stress and tiredness […]

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Promise of God with a man

God has come down on this earth with the new name of Lord kalki and He has promised with a man to give him good things; these are as below:(1) Surely Lord will remove your sickness and sorrow (Bible, Isaiah 53:4).(2) Surely God will provide the way of salvation because of His deep love for each one […]