What commandment has God given you today…?

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The supreme Lord desired that His children-man-follow his commandments therefore He got written in the scriptures that if you follow my commandments only then I shall be your God.  The path on which I ask you to walk, walk on that path and then you shall stand benefited. The reason why the Lord said this was because it after completing the act of creating the universe, God made men and women in His own image and blessed them.  He wanted man to enjoy the creation He had made and to make sure that his connection with the Lord remained He made some rules for man to follow.

Adam and eve were his beloved children but they disobeyed His wishes and desires.  This is the reason that Adam and Eve had to be banished from the Garden of Eden.  They were sent down to the earth where they were given clay bodies that died and therefore they had to constantly go through rebirth.  Not only that, the descendants of Adam and Eve had to labor to get their daily bread. They had to experience both suffering and happiness and they had to transit through the cycle of birth and death.

On the earth, the descendants of Adam and Eve multiplied but their ways and morals did not improve.  In fact they became worse and worse and the Lord was left with no option but to cleanse the earth of the descendants of Adam and Eve.  The only one person that God found worth saving was Noah.  He was a religious, God-fearing man who always followed the path of God.  He along with his family was the ones that were saved by putting on the boat that Noah had been ordered to make by God.  The rest were destroyed in the flood.

Before the flood came, God spoke to Noah and warned him of the coming flood and told him that he was the one worth saving.  After the flood receded, God blessed Noah by saving that “go forth and flourish in numbers and wealth and fill the earth with your descendants.

When God had created the worlds He had put plants which would feed man. (Bible, Genesis 1:29) therefore all people on the earth were vegetarians but all these plants were destroyed during  the flood and therefore it was no longer possible to feed man by these means therefore God permitted man to feed upon animals that roamed the earth.  The only injunction was that the flesh that was eaten should not have any life in it when being eaten (Bible, Genesis 9:3-5)  Since that time man became vegetarian as well as non vegetarian and this was valid under the commandments of God.

God gave man 15 rules to follow to lead the righteous life.

  1. Since the beginning of creation, God made man and woman to live together. (Bible, Mark 10:9)
  2. Man would live apart from his father and mother and with his wife and be of one body with her.(Bible, Mark 10:7-8)
  3. The one who has been joined by God may not be separated by man. (Bible, Mark 10:9)
  4. The husband should fulfill the rights of his wife and the wife should fulfill the rights of the husband. (Bible, 1 Corinthian 7:3)
  5. Man must not remain separate from his wife but could after agreement for short periods of time for the purpose of prayer. The rest of the time they should stay together.  It should not happen that the devil may test man because he is not able to control his impulses. (Bible, 1 Corinthians 7:5)
  6. To the ones who are married, the Lord orders the wife to never stay away from her husband and if they separate for some reason both remain unmarried and try to reconcile with one’s partner. (Bible, 1 Corinthians 7:10-11)
  7. A man should love his wife as he loves his own body. The one who loves his wife is the one who loves himself (Bible, Ephesians 5:28)  )
  8. The man is the head of a woman, just the way God is the head for a priest. (Bible, Ephesians 5:23)
  9. All of you should love your wives and the wife should also love and respect her husband and obey him. (Bible, Ephesians 5:33)
  10. The wife should do all her designated duties in a pleasant manner without grumbling and without dispute. (Bible, Ephesians 2:14)
  11. Your way of living should have integrity whether you think the lord observes you or not. When you are still, in the soul of god and in his consciousness, then you should await the good news after doing your duties. (Bible, Philippians 9:27)
  12. Don’t worry about anything. Instead make all your sincere prayers to god with faith, request and with thanks. (Bible, Philippians 4:6)
  13. The women who are the best have the following attributes and qualities. One-beauty. Two calm nature. Three-Truth. Four-pure behavior. Five-dharma. Six-Faithful to husband. Seven-determination. Eight-Bravery. Nine-Speaking auspicious things. Ten-Work ethic. Eleven-your attitude and living style must be according to the Lord’s commandment. Twelve-Sweet words.
  14. The one basic fact that every man must embed into his heart is that there is none other than the supreme lord and Lord Kalki is His avatar. No-one else is of any real value and no pilgrimage or religion can be compared to the supreme Lord. (Padma purana page number 253)
  15. The one who keeps the supreme Lord in his heart and head need not even take a bath since he always remains pure. Such a person has no need to do any pious acts such as sacrifices (Padma purana page number 403)

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