What is the real truth about what Guru Is ?

What is the real truth?
What is the real truth

What is the real truth?
The person who has done great penance in his last life, only he is blessed with a true Guru in this life.  The true Guru is the one who acquaints a person with the nature of reality and is more precious than even one’s mother and father since the life mother and father give will fade away one day but what the Guru gives is the soul’s true companion and guide through all births.  The Guru is the most supreme of all since if Shiva ji is angry with a person, the Guru can save that person from Shiv ji’s wrath but if the Guru himself is angry with a person no power in the universe can save that person.

The truth is that the one who gives knowledge about the nature of creation-Brahma Vidya-is the Lord himself.  This is reiterated in all the Holy Scriptures.  The help that the Guru provides is so vast that it can never be paid back therefore the disciple is always a borrower from his Guru and can never repay that debt.  It is only when the guru is completely pleased with the disciple that the guru may release the disciple from his debt.  Therefore the disciple should be completely alert about the feelings and wishes of the Guru-spoken or unspoken and fulfill them with all sincerity and devotion and to the best of one’s ability.  But only that Guru is the true guru who gives his disciple the name of Lord Vishnu as his seed mantra.  The one who gives some other name is one who damages the prospects of the disciple to achieve final liberation.

The supreme Lord said that after sending Kabeer and Guru Nanak He has sent no other Guru.  He further said that in the present age, various gurus without His order or mandate speak of him and the scriptures.  The Lord said that their words are false as they have no right to become gurus.  These people have become prophesier and they make predictions without his permission.  If they were truly His believers then they would have spoken of His true words to their disciples. They would not indulge in evil and immoral acts. (Bible, Jeremiah 23:21-22) In the present times, corrupt-natured, wrong-behaviour, sin-committing men have become Gurus and they are bringing into disrepute the name and position of the Guru.

What is the real truth ?

The Lord says that can anyone hide in any place that He cannot see? He says that He has heard the speeches of these pretenders and He knows what is in their minds and hearts.  These people are the Sayers of those things that are lies in their own minds.  What these speakers really want is to mislead the devotees by telling them stories and dreams and take them away from the real path of  God. (Bible, Jeremiah 23:24 -27) In other words these charlatans misuse the blind seeking of the devotees soul towards the supreme Lord to further their own selfish ends.

The Lord further warns that those who have not been sent by him or been given permission by him, when they speak of what the lord told them in their dreams so that they may mislead the people, He-the Lord- is completely opposed to such people. (Bible, Jeremiah 23:32) For such people, the Lord specifically warned that he would punish not only them but their families as well. (Bible, Jeremiah 23:34)  In the holy Quran, Sur jumar 39 Aayat 27& 30-31 page number 733, the Lord sent his messenger to warn such people and got written in the holy Quran that such leaders will die and their followers wil also die.  He said-“You will argue and fight with each other on judgment day and your judgment shall be done.”

Now the question follows that in the Kaliyug, who will give the true knowledge Brahma-Gyana to the people ?  To answer that question of his children, the Lord sent His messenger and got  written in the Holy Scriptures that “I shall send My son to guide you all.”

How do we recognize the son of god ?  That person will firstly not call himself a Guru but Son of God.  The son of god has been given the charge of the heavens and earth and he has been given the responsibility to preach to the people and to give the right knowledge to them and that knowledge has to be given to all people regardless of their caste, religion or sex.  All the people have to be given the knowledge in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Father further said that He would live with His son always even unto the end of the world (Bible, Mathew 28:18-20)

That is why in the age of the demon kali, the son of God came down to earth and did not call himself a Guru but called himself Son of God instead and he took on his role and responsibility on 14th of Oct 1989.  He told the people that- first learn what is the meaning of the word Guru.  And then find out what does a Guru wants from his devotees and what are the qualities that are a must in a Guru.  This must be known since today there are many people who cheat and fleece people by calling themselves Gurus.  The Lord says that He is warning the people since He does not want His children to fall prey to false gurus.

What is the real truth?

The word Guru itself consists of two letters “Gu” which means the state before attributes and “Ru” which means the form before the formation of the physical body.  So the guru is the person who removes the veil of nature-the physical form and takes one to a state before the formation of physical nature itself-that is the domain of pure spirit.

All the things of the world have been created as a combination of the three attributes of nature. Raj-Sat-Tam.  Tamas created the physical body.  Rajas created the mind and the 10 sensory organs and Sattva makes wisdom-the power of discrimination.

That person who does the work of detaching the individual soul from its attachment to these three things-the physical body with its 10 sensory organs, the mind and wisdom, that person is worthy of being called a Guru.

The body has the 10 organs of the senses, above that is the mind and above the mind is wisdom and above this intelligence resides the soul.  That person who makes your senses stronger than your body, the mind stronger than the senses, Wisdom stronger than the mind and the soul stronger than all,  that person who helps the individual do that, is called the Guru.

When we step back to a state that is before the state of body or mind then we will reach the state that is before the three attributes and we will reach the state of the soul.  Just as smoke covers fire and dust covers the mirror, similarly desire covers wisdom that is the true guide.  When desire disappears, wisdom comes. Do you know what the fruit of wisdom is?  It is the destruction of the fruits of karma.  When that happens then the constant coming and going that the soul has to undergo through various births is stopped.  Therefore if a person is able to completely destroy his desires for the objects of the world he will achieve Moksha-self realization in this very instance.  Always remember that just as a fire destroys feeds on fuel to burn and consumes it, similarly the fire of wisdom using the karmas as a fuel burns them to ashes.

The best knowledge of all is Brahma Gyana.  After knowing this knowledge no other knowledge remains to be learnt.  This knowledge is the king of all knowledge.  It is the king of all secret knowledge, it is utterly pure and blessed and it gives fruit the very instance it is practiced perfectly.  It is easy as well and is eternal.

The fruit of Brahma Gyana is the release from the cycle of birth and death and the merging of the soul with the oversoul-with God. This is the only way to realization and Moksha and there is no other way.  Therefore now the significance of the Guru becomes clear.  He is that person who guides the deluded, desire driven soul on the correct path of Brahma Gyana.  That is the kind of Guru that the individual should seek.

The question then is-who is that Brahma-Gyana knowing Guru?  He is that person who has knowledge of the Vedas.  Who at least knows the secret of Shabd brahma, the one who knows Surat-Shabd yoga and who has practically walked the path to the final destination-Poorna brahma.  The one who is away from deceit and fraud. The one who can get his disciples to practically walk the right path to Poorna brahma and who is not interested in the accumulation of wealth for the sake of being wealthy.  To such a person go and learn the path of Brahma Gyana.  When obeisance Is paid at the feet of such a person and by being in the service of such a person and by asking genuine questions without malice, the path will be shown by that all knowing Guru and with that you will be able to see the entirety of creation first within yourself and then everywhere outside you being.

This is why the place of the Guru in the hierarchy is kept higher than even the supreme Lord who he represents since it is through the auspices of the guru that the way to the Lord be found.  Therefore no price is less for finding or pleasing the Guru.  Saint Kabeer says that even if one has to sacrifice one’s head it is worth it if it enables the deluded soul to find the right Guru.

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