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Why has God left you?

Why has God left you?
Why has God left you?

You have spent a lot of time in the worship of God.  You have sung many hymns and your voice when you sang them was full of grief and pain.  God says that He liked the hymns which you sang for Him but the question remains that why does He then not listen to your prayers and pleas?  There are many hymns and devotional songs that have been sung by people over the ages.  These songs have been sung with great love and devotion and these songs became very popular as well.  In most of these songs, the singers have extolled god that God has forgotten the people.  The songs request God to listen to the pleas of the people and save their lives, their dignity and honor and liberate them from the difficulties they face.  The theme of these songs usually is that God you are the only savior that we have in the whirlwind of life, we are dying and are in need of your protection.

Why has God left you?

What does all this mean?  It means that our connection with the Lord is lost and that is why such sentiments are being expressed.  Have we ever given a thought to why we are in this position of supplication like beggars?  We must have made some mistakes to be in this position where there is such a distance between us and God-our father.  We cry before God and beg Him for help and we blame Him for our troubles and for not listening to our pleas but we do not look within your heart to see that the fault lies within us and  that God is not responsible for the breakup but we ourselves are.  We neither want to see nor accept and correct our faults.

God has addressed us and said-All those amongst who are hard hearted and far from righteousness, listen to My words closely.  I am close to bringing righteousness back and giving abundance to those who deserve it (The holy Bible Isaiah 46:13) He further says- In my eyes you are precious and unique and I have love for you in My heart and I am ready to give kingdoms in exchange for your life.  Fear not since I stand by you.  I will bring your clan from the east and multiply them till the west. To the north I will order to bless you with abundance and to the south I will say that let there be no lack in your life. Collect my sons and daughters from the four corners of the earth.  (The holy bible Isaiah 43:4-6) I will fulfill your desires before you even ask for them and I will answer your questions and doubts even before you verbalise them to me. (The Holy Bible Isaiah 65:24)

Inspite of these words of God, man did not listen to Him.  God then said in anger-let judgment day be called when the wicked shall be destroyed.  God further said 5 things to man:

  1. The man who commits sin shall have to face death (The holy bible Ezekiel 18:20)
  2. The man who follows all the commandments of God shall find eternal life. (The holy Bible Ekekiel 18:19)
  3. When I called you did not come; when I spoke you did not listen, what I find distasteful, you persisted in doing and what I don’t like you incorporated in your life (The holy bible Isaiah 65:12) You left my worship and started to worship the demi-gods who by themselves can give you nothing as they derive all their powers from me. That makes you worship wrong and unable to bear fruit.(Geeta 9:23)
  4. There are two things wrong with you. That you left Me- the eternal ever-flowing source of abundance and protection and instead started to worship something that is like stagnant water in a broken vessel. (The holy bible Jeremiah 2:13)
  5. If you agree to My words and follow Me then I will be your Lord and shepherd and you will be my flock and under my protection. You will follow the path I show you and it will be to your benefit. (The Holy bible Jeremiah 7:23)

Today the Lord wants me to remind you that He is your father and His heart is like the heart of a father who loves His children.  It is best if the Lord lives amongst you, walks amongst you and you will belong to Him.  That is the way God wants you to be and this relationship to be. The Lord waits for His children to come home. He is waiting for you even if you are not the good son but the disobedient son, He loves you so.  This disobedient son fought with his father, demanded his inheritance and ran away with it.  He soon spent it all on indulgences and sin and became a pauper.  Now he wants to come back to his father and is ready to even work as a servant to earn his keep.  He doesn’t have slippers on his feet and his cloths are torn.  Yet the father waits everyday for that day to come when His son comes back to Him in any condition.  When He sees His son returning the Lord can’t stop Himself and runs towards His son with happiness to welcome him back. He embraced His son and takes him in His arms and says that he feared that His son had died and now he should never ever leave since he-God can’t bear His loss anymore. God says-I give you back the rights of My son and this ring is the mark of that right.  All that belongs to Me belongs to you as well and you can use it freely.

What is that ring that gives the right to the son? The son is given the right to throw out evil in the name of the father. (The holy Bible Mark 16:17)  When you get that ring you will not speak the language of the world but the language of God.(The Holy Bible Mathew 27:46)

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