Why knowledge doesn’t prevent sorrow.

prevent sorrow
prevent sorrow

Prevent sorrow
The Lord does a blessing and benediction on man but ignorant people misuse that great blessing.  That misuse is what makes men wicked.  When you live your lives, with the right knowledge embedded in your lifestyles, that’s when you will get stability, peace and joy in your lives. Till knowledge is theoretical, you cannot find peace and happiness from it.  When that knowledge is real for you and is embedded in every action of your lives then that very knowledge will give positive impacts.

Therefore it is important for a seeker to develop devotion and finds means to develop devotion since only that will develop the right attitude when that knowledge will become real for you.

Only by being devoted and by practicing acts of devotion, will the soul granting God be pleased with His devotees.

It is nice to hear high and noble thoughts and philosophies on how-to-live, but there are some ground realities that must be incorporated in one’s life to make any real progress.  It is true that the Lord wants to change your lives for the better.  It is true that the Lord wants to take away your sorrows and give you joy instead.  It is true that the Lord wants to take away your sadness and replace with a deep sense of happiness.  The fact is that it is not you who have chosen to follow the path to God but it is the Lord who has chosen you so that you may bear fruit.  Always remember that if you are the sub-branch then the Lord is the main trunk of the tree.  Till you are attached to the Lord, you will flourish, but the day you remove the Lord from your life your downfall begins and ultimately you will wither away.  Just as the branch of a tree cannot survive or give fruit without being attached to the tree, similarly we cannot survive without being attached to the Lord.

prevent sorrow

The Lord wants to change the way you live.  He wants to change the way you relate to and function in the world so that you may bear abundant fruit. The Lord wants to transform you and give you a new name.  Do you know what that name is?  The beloved of God; the beloved of God, that’s the name He wants you to have.  And what does the Lord want from you?  That you should have no attachment to this creation and nor all the things that are within creation.  What lies within creation can be the desire of the body, the pleasure of the senses and the feed of the ego.  These are not from the side of the Lord but from the side of creation-Sansaar.  The world and its creations will both vanish away but those who walk as per the wishes of God they shall always remain.  What does the Lord want to give you?  He wants to grant you wisdom. He says to his devotee- “I shall give you wisdom and when you walk on the path of wisdom, I shall guide you and safeguard you.  I will always keep My benevolent gaze upon you.”  But the devil wants the opposite.  He wants to keep you forever trapped in the world.  He seduces you with the things of the world but his aim is to keep you into sorrow.  The devil wants you to never even find the path to God let alone walk on it.

The choice is yours.  Which path do you want to walk on, The Devil’s or the Lords?

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