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Meditation is Piyush
Meditation is Piyush

Meditation is Piyush
Meditation is the primal duty of man and only meditation is the way to purify one’s being. This is why a person should be oriented towards meditation. The following benefits accrue if one does meditation every day.

  1. The person who meditates regularly upturns the flow of Prana from downwards to upwards. A direct result is that at the time of death there is no pain or agony. It is said that for an ordinary man, the pain at the time of death is like being bitten by a 1000 scorpions.  This is avoided by one who meditates.
  2. All that is valuable in this world and in the next world is available to the one who meditates and he gets it without even asking.
  3. There is no better for the removal of sinful acts than Meditation.
  4. Meditation is that fire that burns the seeds of karmas and helps reduce the causes of rebirth.
  5. Meditation is the best way to cross this world of suffering. It is like a boat on which we can cross the ocean of suffering.
  6. Like the wind helps a fire burn down a house similarly meditation is like the wind that helps action-the fire to burn down sins.
  7. Meditation is like the fire that purifies Gold. Meditation turns the Paraná Vaayu inwards and reduces the effects of causes for the person.
  8. The one who meditates everyday has better benefit that one who does all kinds of donations or one who has done 66000 types of pilgrimages or one who does tap or Yagya or even those acts that are meant as penance. All these methods have no value in front of the process of meditation.
  9. The person who is able to cast away laziness even for an instant and meditate deeply achieves heaven but the one who comes under the aegis of Lord Narayana and meditates with total love and devotion, nothing is better than that.
  10. The study of all scriptures and deep thought reveals that meditation should be done only on Lord Narayana.
  11. The one whose nature leads him to commit sins, his salvation lies only by remembrance and prayers to Lord Narayana.
  12. Thousands of dips in the holy river Ganges and tens of millions of dips in the pilgrimage called Pushkar are nothing in comparison meditation upon Lord Narayana even for a moment, if done sincerely. Therefore there is nothing better than focusing one’s attention on lord Narayana.
  13. In this world there is no other act that is as pious and effective as Meditation.
  14. As animals do not take the shelter of a mountain that is surrounded by fire, similarly sin does not come close to a person who is engaged in Yoga and meditation.
  15. The person who comes to know the complete divine-Poorna Brahma and who takes shelter only in the complete divine and who only focuses on the complete divine while meditating, such a person escapes the cycle of birth and death. Such a person never suffers from any setbacks. Even if all the planets are astrologically against such a person, their ill-effects turn into beneficial effects.  That Complete divine is situated in a place called Agamya-jyoti and it is called Anami look –the unnamed place-as well.  That place is 100 crore yojana ahead of Agam lok or Karya brahma and can only be reached by crossing the energy river and this is  place  is also known as the true Golok Dhaam.  This place is self-illuminated-illuminated neither by the sun or the moon neither fire.  The modes of nature are not operative here and neither there is the effect of Kaal or time.  There is no disease there nor old age and nor even death.  The law of karma does not operate here and only those souls can reach here who have love and devotion in their hearts.

Meditation is Piyush

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