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Why take the Lord’s name?

Why take the Lord’s name?
Why take the Lord’s name?

In the age of Kaliyug, taking and remembering and chanting the Lord’s name is the one easy way to liberation. The fruits that were obtained in the Sat Yuga by doing meditation, in the Treta Yuga by doing yagyas and in the Dwaapar Yuga by doing prayers are all obtainable in the Kaliyug by simply taking and chanting the Lords name.

Although the name of the lord is of great importance in all the ages but it is of special significance in the age of the demon Kali. This has been mentioned in all the Holy Scriptures.

Just as a lamp cannot be lit without a fire similarly one cannot cross the ocean of birth and death towards the liberation of the soul without remembrance of the Lord.

This is the simplest way.  That is, shift attention from the outer world towards the inner world by constantly remaining in remembrance of the supreme father.

By taking the Lord’s name, the thirst of the mind for the objects of the world reduces, the fear of death recedes and the eternal hope that resides in the soul is fructified.  By taking the lord’s name, the dirt and negative emotions of the mind are blown away and the Jeevatma becomes worthy of a real pilgrimage. The mind becomes still in the lord and the individual forgets his petty worries. And of course by being in constant remembrance of the lord the cycle of death and rebirth are also broken and the Jeevatma finds liberation. By surrendering to the Lord the being finds freedom from all the sorrow causing, negative things of life such as old-age, disease, worry, danger, fear of death.  By surrendering to the lord one finds safety from the difficulties of life and one finds oneself always under divine protection.

The name of the lord is an actual wealth for the devotee.  This wealth and goodwill is always needed by man.  When the Lord’s name falls from the lips of the devotee like drops of rain then all the fires and difficulties of life are extinguished. The lord’s name is the only way to find freedom.  The name of the lord is the real beauty of man and his crowning glory.

Taking the name of the lord with every breath is that necklace which makes an individual glow and makes him truly attractive.

To all the ladies who want to always remain beautiful, my advice is that rather than focusing on jewellery cloths and makeup, take the lords name constantly.  That will give both inner and outer beauty. Imagine how much money you and your husband will save!

The glory of the lord’s name is endless.  The way a servant walks behind his master, the lord himself walks behind his own name.  In the age of the demon Kali, the lord’s name has the protective qualities of the Kalp tree that protects and gives the desired fruit to the devotee.  The name of the lord is the mother & father in this life and the harbinger of the next world.  In Kaliyug, neither action, nor devotion nor knowledge can give liberation as easily as the chanting of the name of the lord.  Druva took the name of the lord and he was granted Druva lok.  Hanuman also kept the lord enchanted by chanting the lord’s name. Lowly Azaamil, Gaj and the prostitute Gadika also found liberation by taking the Lord’s name.  Lord Rama gave liberation to only a few people like Sugriva, Shabri, Jatayu and Vibhishan whom he met and kept around him but his name has given liberation to thousands of people over the millennia.

The point is that the name of Lord Rama is more powerful in giving liberation to the devotees than lord Rama himself.

Brahm-creation has two forms-manifest and unmanifest.  Naam or the lord’s name is greater than even them.

In short the name of the lord is the way in today’s age-Kaliyug and it opens the door to liberation.  After giving this knowledge, I now leave it to the wisdom of the devotee to himself discern about why he should take the name of the Lord.

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