Tears Will Turn Into Joy
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God has made a commitment with the people – He will turn your all tears into joy. Lord said – I saw that you have dropped many tears. I have kept it in a bottle. I have counted it one by one for getting the information how much tears you have dropped. In Bible, Ezekiel 34:26 Lord said – I will make them a showers of blessing and the places round My hill a blessing and I will cause the showers to come down in His season – there I shall be showers of blessing. In Bible, Psalm 84:6 Lord said – I will make them a well those who is passing through the valley of tears, the rain also fill the pools.

Your tears will turn into Joy – Lord Kalki

tears will turn into Joy
Your tears will turn into Joy

The Lord knows the appointed time, He would do everything to whom you need wonderfully. This is the reason let us hold on to this truth that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. many of us to-day because of a busy life schedule neglect our prayer life. They make excuses and say they are extremely tired. But do you know when you give the first place to God in your life? The only way for getting a surprise or wonderful things or a miracle is to spend your time with God and sing a song of praise to Him. Blessing will certainly come in your life and your sorrow will turn into joy. His word will fill surely to them those who keeps 100% faith and hope in Lord. Thus hang your eyes at Lord’s appointed time, your days of goodness are just round your front.

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