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1 5 wide rib roof deck

Optimized Steel Deck Design - BD C University

Type N Roof Deck. 3” Deep Rib. Type B Roof Deck. Wide Rib .5” Deep. 9 of 7D. To address these objectives various types of roof deck and attachment.

Type B Decking Keystar Industries

Compared to the other - /2” deep roof decks Type B deck produces the most effective ... It has a 36” coverage with an optimal span of 5& 39; to 2& 39;. ... The corrugated underside of this wide-rib deck makes for an attractive dimensional finish.

Type B Deck Wide Rib - Corrugated Stainless Decking

The Type B Wide Rib is the industry standard for corrugated industrial roofing and is as ... top opening which is desired when rigid insulation is to be used on top of the deck. ... 5& 39;-0" 5& 39;-6" 6& 39;-0" 6& 39;-6" 7& 39;-0" 7& 39;-6" 8& 39;-0" 8& 39;-6" 9& 39;-0" 9& 39;-6" 0& 39;-0" ... . Load tables are calculated using section properties based on the steel design...

05 3 23 Steel Roof Decking - University of Houston

. "Design Manual for Composite Decks Form Decks and Roof Decks" as published ... .5. SUBMITTALS. A. Product Certifi ion: Submit manufacturer& 39;s specifi ions and installation instructions ... WR= Wide Rib Deck per SDI nomenclature.

Deck Fastening Training Guide - Hilti

.5. Roof Decks. B-Deck -½ Wide Rib. B-deck is the most common deck type used in the United. States and Canada varying from 6 to 24 gauge with 8.

Metal Deck Design - Siplast

As a practical matter narrow rib wide rib or B-deck profiles are generally made ... The Siplast recommendation of .5% open area for vermiculite concrete is...

Roof Deck

ROOF DECK. .5 B. Wide Rib deck provides the best balance of strength and economy. Prime Painted Gray Top / Gray Bottom or Gray Top / White Bottom.

Roof Deck - Metal Deck Direct

Type “A” Roof Deck is a /2" deep narrow rib structural metal roof deck section that provides a wide support surface for various types of roofing materials and...

Steel Roof Deck and Floor Deck

Steel Roof Deck and Floor Deck how to series... . Preface. This How To Series ... There are a wide variety of steel deck products on the ... and different rib spacing. Roof ... Detail 5: Retaining Angles at Perpendicular and Parallel Conditions.

Roof Deck Archives - CSM Metal Deck

B Deck. BW-36 Wide Rib .5B. We manufacture and stock B BI BV and BIV types of roof deck...

Roof Deck - New Millennium Building Systems N deck roof deck

Type B deck is a wide-rib roof deck ideal for a wide range of appli ions ... The openings for types BV and BIV can be specified from 0.5% up to .5% of total...

Metal Deck 0 - Metal Deck Replacement — RoofersCoffeeShop

6 Sep 20 9 ... Metal deck is provided with the steel package in new construction. It comes into play with ... B Deck A.C.T. photo— /2” B Wide Rib . F Deck A.C.T. photo— /2” ... A.C.T. Photo 9/ 6” 5/ 6” ” /2”. Knowing the rib to rib...

It All Starts with the Roof Deck - Buildings

2 Oct 20 0 ... Since the foundation of any roof system is the roof deck this column will focus on ... FIG 5 At one time in the past it was common practice to remove deteriorated ... 3/4”. Intermediate Rib Type F. -3/4”. Wide Rib Type B. 2- /2”...

Steel Roof Deck Wimsatt Building Materials

B Type decking has wide ribs; A Type decking has narrow ribs. .5" A TYPE NARROW RIB ROOF DECK; Weight: 23 lbs. Length: 20& 39;6"; 25/pallet; .5" B TYPE...

section 05 3 00 - steel decking - WBDG

Feb 20 6 ... Refer to Section 05 36 00 COMPOSITE METAL DECKING for floor deck ... D . /D . M- 5 - Structural Welding Code - Steel. ... Wide Rib Type B is typical. ... Fabri e cant strips with minimum 25 mm 5 inch face width.

Verco Deck – Premier Structural Steel Manufacturer for the West Coast

Type B profiles are .5-inch deep structural roof deck that provide both vertical load and diaphragm shear capacity. The profile contains 6 ribs and is 36 inches...

CGC Structural Panel Concrete Roof Deck Data Sheet - USG

-5/8" wide with at least 9 mm 3/4" of the panel bearing on the supporting flange. Metal framing must be a minimum 6 gauge and spaced no greater than...

.5" B Deck Type B Roof Deck Supplier - O& 39;Donnell Metal Deck

Type B Roof Deck is .5″ deep. Also known as wide rib this structural metal roof deck provides a support surface for various types of roofing materials. .5" B...

.5B Steel Store - Nucor Steel Store

.5 B. NOTE: Type B wide rib deck provides excellent structural load carrying capacity per pound of steel utilized and its nestable design eliminates the need...

Redbird Engineering Stock Deck - Redbird Engineering Home

Type B Metal Roof Deck is a /2 deep wide rib structural metal roof deck section that provides a support surface for various types of roofing materials. It is also...

5 Rib Steel Roofing - Steel Solutions Melbourne

The deep ribs allow wide support spacings and a minimum roof pitch of 2 degrees in 27 . It has excellent water carrying capabilities and is ideal for both roofing...

roof decks - Insulfoam

5. When draining to the interior of the roof area provide sumps at all drains to ... ½". Min. Max. 2½". Type B Roof Deck Wide Rib . Coverage of 30" or 36".

Roof Deck Keystar Industries - Midwest Deck Supplier

Type A narrow rib roof deck is - /2″ deep and 36″ wide. Use Type A roof decking for repairs and patches since more economical types of roof deck Type B ...

UL 580 Construction No. 3 0 Over Metal Deck - MBCI

. Metal Roof Deck Panels* No. 24 MSG min coated steel. Max panel width 6- /2 in. ... Deck Panels* Battens Battens covering panel ribs and clips to be 3/8 in. wide ... Sheets to be installed on top of Rigid Insulation Item 5 in lieu of bearing...

Experimental investigation into acceptable design methods for cold ...

... mm ½ in. deep wide rib roof deck considering four gages: 22 20 8 and 6 gage. ... 5 the deck& 39;s bearing at the reactions were against a 25.4 mm in. ...

Box Rib metal roofing and siding - AEP Span

Box Rib metal roofing and siding is a through-fastened panel with 36" net ... ; 2; 3; 4; 5. Previous; Next. Genuine Steelscape Steel. AEP-Guide-Large-Home Roof ... A Fire Rated when installed on non-combustible deck or framing per IBC IRC...

Comparing Noise Reduction Coefficients of Acoustical Steel Deck to ...

Seldom if ever is an acoustical steel roof deck perforated tin installed with a 2" rigid fiberglass roofing ... Test was conducted with .5 inches of .65 pcf fiberglass insulation on 3 inch EPS ... Type B wide rib deck provides excellent structural.

B Deck Roofing Wide Rib - D-MAC Industries

B Deck is by far the most commonly used roof deck for new construction projects. This is due to the fact that it is the most efficient .5” deep steel roof deck section.

metal decking - Michigan State University

SUMMARY. Section includes the furnishing and installation of metal decking and accessories. ... Type and Size: - /2 -inch 22 gage wide rib with nesting type side lap. ... - /2-inch 22 gage for 4-inch slab with maximum span of 5& 39;-0".

.5" B Wide Rib Roof Deck - Cordeck

.5″ B Wide Rib Roof Deck. 5 B Roof Deck 5 B Roof Deckxsection. Available Widths: 24" 30" 36". Available Finishes: Galvanized - G60 Galvanized - G90...

DACS Roof Deck - DACS Inc.

Please consult our Engineering division for further information. SDI SPECIFICATIONS FOR STEEL ROOF DECK · TYPE "B" Wide Rib Type "B" is the deck of...

What is Roof Deck??

4 Jun 20 5 ... Wide Rib WR Deck . N Deck. Deep Rib DR Deck . Most Common Roof Decks. ½” and 3” ... Pa= 476 0.74 .5 0.5 / .8 = 504 plf.

Type B Wide Rib Roof Deck Corrugated Metal Panels

Type B Wide Rib deck provides maximum structural load capacity through an efficient profile design and allows the use of inch thick rigid insulation boards.

Type “B” Roof Deck Wide Rib - Miami Metal Deck

We offer a wide range of metal decking materials and accessories for roofing and ... Type B Roof Deck Wide Rib; 30” Cover 24” Cover and acoustical type also ... . All section properties and strengths are reported per foot of panel width. 2. ... Gage Span Cond ASD Span 5& 39;-0” 5& 39;-6" 6& 39;-0” 6& 39;-6” 7& 39;-0” 7& 39;-6” 8& 39;-0” 8& 39;-6” ” 9& 39;-0”...

Metal Decking - Scherer Steel

5/ 6”; ”; ½” Wide Rib Type B also available in stainless steel ; ½” Wide Rib Type ... 3” Deep Rib Type N; 3” Deep Rib Type NA Acoustical; 4 ½” Deep Rib Roof Deck ... ½” also available in stainless steel ; .5CD; 2”; 2.0CD; 3”; 3.0CD...

Roofing Systems - Poligon

Multi-Rib Roofing is most often used as an inexpensive combined roof and ... The core is 3-5/8” EPS and the roof deck is 7/ 6” OSB. ... 4- /2” SIPs have an “R” value of 5.2. ... Asphalt Shingles A wide range of asphalt shingles are available.


DESCRIPTION: Siplast Liquid Applied Roofing Systems over Steel Decks ... Minimum 8–22 ga. .5” deep wide rib ASTM A653 or A 008 SS Grade 80 steel.

29 Gauge - ABC Metal Roofing

7/8" WIDE RIB . 5V CRIMP ... applied to our industry leading Imperial Rib metal panel. ... 0". ". FT. 2 FT. 3 FT. 4 FT. 5 FT. 3. 7. 6.33. 9.50. 2.67. 5.83. 3.43. 6.60 ... This refers to exposed fastener panels installed over solid decks only.

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